Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


49. Stay

~Zayn's P.O.V~

Waking up made me feel as if I was having a hangover, head pounding, it even felt as if it was throbbing. I deepened my head into my pillow, trying to block out the light, and the questions running through my thoughts. My lash-out last night still lingered in the back of my mind as well. The image of my sisters, and how they must of reacted was planted in my head. All of them must think I'm crazy, or even delusional.

I heard the faintest knock on the door, wondering if it was even meant for me. Carefully, I slid from under the duvet and slipped on a pair of joggers as I walked to the door. To my surprise it was meant for me, Safaa was stood in front of me. There was nothing really to say, only that I noticed a small amount of fear in her eyes. "Zayn, can I come in?" Her inncoent voice asked me as I stood obviously much taller than her. Usually, I never let anyone in my room, but the way I felt, I could talk to anyone at this point. "Sure." I smiled as much as I could as I closed the door behind her.

She lightly jumped and sat herself directly in the middle of my bed, crossing her legs under her. She patted the spot beside her, encouraging me to sit. "Do you feel better?" Her light voice asked as I leaned back onto my pillow. "Yeah, sorry about last night. I guess I just wasn't feeling right." "I still love you Zayn." She laughed as she playfully punched my calf. "Well, i hope so." I laughed as I poked her small rib cage, making her have a small laugh fit. The way she fumbled with her fingers, I could tell something was bothering her. "Everything ok?" Hopefully I wasn't her making her feel nervous.

"What happened to you and Grace?" Her words fumbled out from her mouth so fast, but I made out what she was saying. I let out a sigh, knowing that I would soon have to face a large amout of people with this situtation. "Well, Grace and I aren't really 'together' anymore." My voice was a bit low, I had to show some type of strength in front of my sister. I heard a faint gasp as she finally understood what I was implying. " I'm so sorry." The innocence in her voice made me smile, yet notice the feelings that were running through her as well. I knew my sisters had loved Grace, ecspecially Safaa. Trying to reassure her, I patted her back. "Do you still love Grace?" Safaa basically whispered as she leaned her head onto my arm. The question had come upon myself many times in the past few days, but no matter the pain I felt, I still very much loved a cared for Grace with all my heart. " I still love her alot." My reply was basically a whisper.

 ~Grace's P.O.V~

"Grace, do you want this bag in the living area?" Lyndasy yelled from my room as I tried to pack up some things in the kitchen. "Please."  My voice was a bit hoarse, like I was basically losing it. Thank goodness Lyndasy was helping me today, as well as my mom talking to my rent keeper to release me from my apartment. "It looks so different empty." Lyndasy implied as she walked into the area of the kitchen that I was packing. "Very." My hair fell onto my face, causing me to push it behind my ears. Lyndasy sat beside me as I taped up a box.

"How are you feeling?" The question had been asked many times in the past few days. At this point, could I really answer. The start of my big career was about to start, but with leaving so many people behind, it's a bit hard to. "Honestly, I'm not ok. I just can't really put everything into realization of what has happened in the past few days." Clearly I was stressed, and just plain emotional. "Aw babes, you shouldn't be upset. You should be totally excited about this. Just think of everything as an experience."

I couldn't help but smile at Lyndasy's ever so postitive ego. "Well, I guess we should go get some food." They way she just added in the conversation made me laugh. "Yea, you've been around Niall for way to long!" We both had a fit of laughter before we both slipped on our matching black Vans.

"We'll both take a blueberry scone, and I'll have a Frappe' Mocha, and she will have a Strawberry Creme'." Lyndasy said to the man tapping in our cofee orders. "Names?" Tha man who obviously must have loved his job with all of his "Starbucks" stickers on his shirt in view. "Grace on the strawberry and Lyndasy on the Mocha." He nodded in reply as he gave us our total, and I decided to treat this time.

"Well, I bet this makes you feel way better!" Lyndasy smirked as she poked my stomach right before we slid into our seat. I managed to let a smile creep amungst my cheeks. "Just a bit." I smiled, followed by a reciprocated one.

My mind slowly wondered off as I waited for my cofee. Many questions continued popping into my head. I didn't know what to think. All I felt like was a small girl trying to get through my first day of school with all the drama that has been occuring in the past week. I was at the point of not even wanting to go, but this was what is best for me. And that's all that matters. Right? I debate with myself too much.

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