Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


28. Slept Like A Princess

~Grace's P.O.V~

I heard faint giggling as I layed in the bed with my eyes clothes. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Safaa, Waliyha, and Doniya standing beside the bed putting something on Zayn's face. I turned slowly. "What are you doing?" I asked them as I sat up. They just looked at me with a shocked face. "We're trying to make Zayn look like a princess." Waliyha whispered. I laughed softly. "There all done." Doniya whispered. I slid off the bed carefully and walked on the other side. Zayn had bright pink lip stick and the brightest blush on his cheeks. He had purple eye shadow on. I held my laughter back. Safaa grabbed my good hand, and pulled me down the hallway. Waliyha and Doniya followed not long after. "We have to hide." Waliyha giggled. I smiled at her. "You guys are so sneaky." I whispered as they led me down another hall and into a small closet. It was dark as we all squeezed in. "Why do we have to hide?" I asked the girls. "Well, if Zayn sees us, he will know that we did it." Safaa whispered. We sat in silence for a few minutes, and then we heard footsteps. I watched as the girls started to giggle, and tell each other to be quiet. I knew Zayn already heard them, but he just kept walking in front of the closet door. A few seconds later, he quickly swung the door open. Whaliya, Safaa, and Doniya laughed as they ran out. Zayn stayed at the door and watched them run off. I walked out next. "Why were you guys hiding?" Zayn asked me. I laughed at him as I saw his face covered with makeup. "What's so funny?" He asked me. I kept laughing, I just couldn't help it. "You've got a little something on your face." I said once I stopped laughing. He looked at me confusingly, the walked into the bathroom. "What the hell is this?" He said. I started laughing again. "You think this is funny?" He asked me as he walked out the bathroom. "Course not." I giggled. "I'm going to get you." He said as eyed me. I turned around and ran down the hall. I heard him behind me as I ran out the front door. I was about to turn around but, Zayn grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. He spun me around a few times. "Zayn, put me down!" I squeeled. He spun me around one more time, then put me down. He pulled me to his chest. I tried to squirm from his arms, but his grip was too strong. "Still think this is funny?" He asked me. "Just a little." I said to him. Our faces were only inches apart. He glanced at my lips and I smiled. The next thing I knew, our lips came together as one. I brought one of my hands behind his neck. He held me securely. I broke our kiss after a few seconds. "You might want to go clean you face." I laughed softly. He smirked at me and then threw me over his shoulder. He ran into the house and put me down on my feet. I grabbed his hand so I could wash the makeup off of his face. We walked into the bathroom and I turned the light on. Zayn sat on the edge of the bath aa I grabbed a cloth. "So, do you like it here?" Zayn asked me while I ran the cloth under warm water. "Yeah, your sisters are so cute." I said to him as I sat beside him. He closed his eyes as I wiped the pink and purple eyeshadow off of him. I wiped the pink gloss off of his lips. His eyes were still closed when I put the cloth beside me. I smiled at him and softly kissed his lips. I felt him jump a bit, bu then he pulled me close to him. After a few moments, we both walked into the room that we had slept in. I walked over and unzipped my suitcase and shuffled through my things. When I grabbed my skinny jeans and red t-shirt, Zayn's phone started going off. He answered it quickly. "Hello....I'm at my parents house....she's with me....shit.....I'll be there by tonight....bye." I looked at Zayn. "Everything okay?" I asked him. "I totally forgot about the interveiw, and I have to be at the airport by eleven." I sat next to him on the bed and rubbed his shoulder. "We'll be there by eleven." I said to hin trying to releive his stress. "I'm not worried about the time Grace, I'm going to be gone for a week. I'm not going to be able to see you." He frowned. "Don't worry Zayn. I have to go to America in two days." He just sighed. "How long are you staying for?" He asked me. "Just two days." I replied. I heard him sigh, and I really don't want him to be upset. "Let's get dressed." I said changing the subject. He still just sat there. I stood up and looked at him. I smiled as I thought of an idea. "Zayn, can you help me?" I asked him sweetly. He looked up at me. I smirled at him, and he smiled back. He stood up and walked up close to me. He sealed our bodies together. I wrapped both of my arms around his neck, but loosely so I wouldn't hurt my wrist. He stared into my eyes. "Don't be upset Zayn." I whispered to him. I stood on the tip of my toes so I could reach his lips, and I kissed him. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and squeeze me tight. I felt his hands tug on my shirt, and I slowly broke away from him. "Not here." I told him. I didn't want his parents walk in on us having sex. That would just be awkward. We both got dressed. I wore a red t-shirt with white writing all over it with my skinny jeans and red Tom's. Zayn wore some pants a white t-shirt and a plaid button-up on top, but it was unbuttoned. We both walked out of the outhouse, and to the actual house. "Goodmorning." Mrs.Tricia said to us as she walked into the kitchen. "Morning." I replied with a smile. "Morning." Zayn said after me. We both sat down on the island. "So, did you sleep well?" Mrs.Tricia asked me. I looked at Zayn and smiled. "Like a princess." I replied. Zayn smirked at me. "That's great." She said as she sipped her tea. Shortly after, Mr.Yaser walked in. "Good morning." Mr.Yaser said as he walked to Mrs.Tricia and gave her a kiss. He then looked at Zayn and I. "Good morning." I replied. "Mum, Dad, I'm going to have to leave early today." Zayn said to them. "Why?" Mrs.Tricia asked him as she washed out her cup. "I have to fly out for a few interveiws." He replied. "Well, we will miss you." She said softly.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

Grace and I went back into the outhouse because we needed to pack our bags. We both walked into the back room, where we slept. "Aren't you going to miss them?" Grace asked me as she folded a shirt and placed it in her bag. "I always miss them, but I guess I'm just used to it now." I replied to her as I placed a pair of my coverse in my suitcase. "Ready?" I asked her as I zipped my suitcase. "Yeah." She said as she zipped her suitcase. We both grabbed them and walked out of the outhouse. We both walked in to my Mum's house. We both walked to the front door. "We will miss you." Doniya said to me as she,  Whaliyah, and Safaa hugged me. "I'm going to miss you too." I said as I hugged them. "I love you sweetie." Mum said to me as she hugged my neck. "Love you too." I said as I hugged her back. " Zayn, you best behave, and good luck." Dad said to me as he pat my back. "Yes sir." I replied. My mum, sisters, and Dad gave Grace a hug and we walked out the door. I put my suitcase in the trunk, and then Grace's. Grace and I were about to get in the car, but Safaa ran out. She ran around the car and straight to Grace. She gave her a hug, then ran straight inside. Grace looked at me and smiled. "I love your family." She said as we both sat down in the car.

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