Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


40. Show Me You Care

(There is some mature content, so please don't read if you under age! Thanks! xxx)

~Grace's P.O.V~

"So, does this look okay?" I asked Zayn as I spun around in my cream colored, one sleeved, thigh-lengthed dress. I also had a nice pair of heels on with my natural curls flowing down my back. "Sexy." Zayn replied as he walked up to me in his black jeans and grey and black button-up. I felt his warm arms wrap around my waist. "You look sexy too." I said to him right before I placed a soft kiss on his lips. "Ready?" He asked removing his arms from around me. "Yeah."

When Zayn and I walked in Funky Buddha, I heard the bass from the music flow through my body. The music was loud, and perfect for dancing to. There were people every where. Dancing, drinking, kissing. Everything that you're supposed at a club like this. "Niall told me that they were on the top floor." Zayn said as he got close to my ear so I could hear him over the beaming music. I nodded as he took the lead up the stairs, holding on to my hand to make sure I didn't get lost. Once we were on the top floor, I saw lazer lights zipping across the dance floor. There were many people dancing, and there was fog streaming across the floor. I looked over to the lit up bar and saw Niall and Lyndasy sitting down. "Over there." I said to Zayn over the music as I pointed over to Lyndasy and Niall. We both walked over and instantly Lyndasy jumped up and embraced me. "You look great." Lyndasy smiled. "You look better." I replied smiling at her. "Let's sit." she said as we both took a seat at the bar while Niall and Zayn started talking. "Want a drink?' Lyndasy asked me. "Sure." I replied. "Two shots." Lyndasy said to the bartender, who quickly returned with two shot glasses filled with Crown. "Cheers." I laughed as we tapped out glasses together. We both swallowed, and the liquid burned down my throat. I looked at Zayn who was still talking to Niall. "I guess this is what we get for dressing sexy." Lyndasy laughed in my ear. "Let's show them that this doesn't happen everyday." I smiled and took Lyndasy's hand in mine. Lyndasy and I both walked in the middle of Niall and Zayn, then to the dance floor. Lyndasy and I started dancing as Niall and Zayn just stared at us. "Think it worked?" She asked me as we danced close to each other. I smiled as Zayn and Niall walked over to us. "Oh, it worked." I laughed as I watched Niall wrap his arms around Lyndasy. I then felt Zayn's arms wrap around me. I turned around and wrapped my arms around Zayn's neck. "You look so fucking sexy right now." Zayn said as we moved together. "I try." I laughed.

Zayn and I dance together for a while, but he then went to go have a drink with Niall, leaving the both of us dancing with random people. "Having fun?" I asked Lyndasy as we danced with a random group of girls. "Yeah, and I might even have more fun when I get home." We both laughed a bit. "Hopefully I will too!" We both laughed again. As we stopped laughing, I felt a pair of warm lips kiss my neck, one of my weak spots. I quickly turned to find Zayn smirking at me. "Let's go." I whispered into his ear. He smiled and nodded in return. "Well, we are going to head home, so I'll see you later." Lyndasy and I shared a quick hug. "If you can walk tomorrow." We both laughed as Zayn and I left.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

As I unlocked the door to 'our' flat I felt Grace's hands on my shoulders, slowly rubbing my back. When the door was unlocked, I opened it and quickly turned around then threw Grace over my shoulder. "Zayn!" I closed the door and locked it, the ran to our room. I carefully placed Grace down on the matress and carressed her cheek softly. She strated to laugh as I kissed down her neck, to her collar bone, then to the top of her dress. She slowly pushed me up and stood up, sealed to my body. "Can you help me with this?" Grace asked in a teasing way. I grabbed the top of the zipper and slid it down slowly, revealing her bare back. I pulled her one long sleeve down and then the dress itself fell down onto the floor, revealing Grace in only her under wear and bra. I was so turned on that I just couldn't wait to rip it all off, and as my thoughts continued I pulled her bra off revealing her perfect breasts. Grace turned around and our eyes met. Her trembling hands ripped my shirt open, causing the buttons to pop off. Her warm lips kissed down my chest to the top of my jeans. She slowly slid them off of me. "You turn me on so fucking bad." I said to her as she came back up to my face. When I felt our lips collide together, I softly placed her back on the bed and deepened our kiss. I could feelt her moan, and I carefully slipped my tounge into her mouth.

~Grace's P.O.V~

Zayn slowly moved his kisses down my body, then to the top of my panties. I felt his fingertips slide down my legs, along with my underwear. Before I got a chance to breath, Zayn pushed two of his fingers into me. I grabbed onto the sheets that surrounded me and let out a moan. "Za-Zayn." I moaned as he worked his fingers in and out of me, and hit the spot everytime he curled them. There was sweat on my body as I started to reach my high. "Zayn I'm gonna cu-" I was cut off by his lips on mine. Zayn removed his fingers from inside of me as I let out one last loud moan. As I caught my breath, I desperatley pulled his boxers down. I needed all of him in me, now. Zayn hovered above me, placing his erected tip above my entrance, teasing me. "Zayn, please don't!" I begged him. "How badly do you want me?" zayn said with his lust filled voice that just made me want him even more. "Zayn, please. Just fuck me as hard as you can." I said desperatley. He didn't even answer me as he pushed into me. Not even giving me time to adjust, he slowly thrusted into me. "Faster." I moaned. Zayn quickly did, and thrusted into me. "F-fuck." I moaned as I tried to take in all the overwhelming pleasure that was running through me. Zayn and I found our way to each others lips as I allowed Zayn's tounge to play with mine through every thrust. Our kiss broke as an uncontrolled moan loudly slipped out of my mouth. With that, Zayn slowly slowed down, and we both tried to catch our breath as we layed beside each other. I was getting drunk off of his uncontrolled love that he allowed me to have, and I took every ounce of it in. I layed my head on his fast beating chest as he pulled the duvet over the both of us. I felt him kiss the top of my head. "You're the only girl who can give me a good time." Zayn said to me. "And you're the only guy who can show me how it's done." I could feel his grin burn through the back of my head.


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