Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


6. Private Lesson

~Zayn's P.O.V~

I woke up to Grace wrapped up under my arm. I smiled at the thought of her being with me, only me right now. I watched her chest move up and down with every breath. I kissed her forehead lightly, and she slowly fluttered her eyes opened. "Morning." I whispered to her. She smiled. "Morning." She whispered back. She slowly sat up and stretched her arms out. She plopped her arms down in her lap and looked at me. She smiled. I slowly sat up behind her and slowly, but steadily moved my arms around her waist. She pirked her head up and looked at me, and I looked down at her. I leanded down and kissed her on her lips softly. Shestopped the kiss and turned around with both of her legs on either side of me. She slowly pushed my upper body down on the bed. I smiled big before she moved her head down and kissed me hungrily. I moved my hands to the botton of her tanktop. She slowly slowed down with the kiss. "Not today." She whispered as she let go. She walked out of her bedroom and into a bathroom... I think. She walked back into her room moments later. "Do you have clothes?" Grace asked me. "I think I have some in the back of my car." I replied to her remebering the duffle bag I had with some clothes in it that was in my trunk. "Well, you might want to go get them because your lesson is in half and hour." Grace said with a little smile on her face. I walked up to her, our skin was touching. "Zayn, what are you doing?" She laughed as I slowly tickled her arms. "Going to get my clothes." I said as I stopped and walked out of her room to get my clothed out of my car.

~Grace's P.O.V~

I walked into Studio B with Zayn. It was basically just me and him in the whole entire buliding because today it was just us. "So, what are we going to do?" Zayn asked as he pulled his shirt off revealing only his muscle shirt. "I think I am just going to teach you a few steps." I said as I walked to the stereo. I was flipping through the music until I felt hands wrap around my waist. "You already did that night at the club." He whispered into my ear. I turned around and kissed his lips. I really couldn't resist. He started to move his hands along my face. I slowly clicked play on the music and slipped from his grasp. I walked backwards to the center of the floor. He smiled and walked up to me. Our chest were touching each other. "Why don't I teach you a little more." I whispered to him. He just laughed a bit. I quickly turned my head before he could kiss me. I walked around him. "I think that would be great." He said as he placed his hand in mine. He quickly spun me in his arms and out. "Nice." I said as I let go of his hand. "Well, I've got way more than that." I just laughed a bit. "Like what?" I said as I did a quick single turn as I continued walking around him. He quickly put his hands around my waist, before I could move from his grasp. Our chests were touching, as well as our foreheads. "I can show you how if feels to be loved, every second of the day." He whispered. I smiled at him, "You do make me feel that way Zayn." I said as I smiled at him. We slowly spread apart. He made me feel so warm inside, the way he talked to me. "Well, let's just start out with a simple step method." I said as I walked in front of the wall mirror. "We'll start with your left leg, then right, single turn, and then back on left." I said as I did each move a few times. After a moment it was Zayn's turn and he did it perfect. We did a few more steps, then we stopped. We both plopped down on the wooden floor. "So, did you learn anything new today?" I asked Zayn as I layed my head onto the wooden floor. "Yes, more than our last coreographer." He said as he layed out his legs in front of him. "That's good." I said as I sat up. "Is that it for today?" Zayn asked me. "I think so, unless you want to learn a few more steps." I replied to him as I walked over to the stereo. "Well, there is one." He replied as he walked up right behind me and placed his hands on my mid-arms. "What's that?" I giggled as he softly rubbed my arms. "Show me how you kissed me last night." He said softly into my ear. I turned around and placed my arms around his neck. "Did it go like this?" I whispered to him right before I softly kissed his lips for a breif moment. "That was just about right." He smiled. "Well, I guess we should get going." I said as I moved my arms from Zayn's neck. We both grabbed our bags. I locked the building doors, and we headed back to my apartment. We both walked in and headed straight towards the kitchen. "Do you want to order pizza?" I aked Zayn. "That sounds good." He replied. I quickly dialed to number for drop-off. I walked into the living area and plopped beside Zayn on the couch, and we watched th telly. I layed my head on his shoulder. I felt his arm pull me closer to him. I smiled at the thought of him being here with me, only me. Him telling me he loves me. I have never had that before. The doorbell rang. I jumped up and grabbed the pizza and paid the man. I closed the door and jumped into Zayn's lap with the pizza. He quickly jumped. "Grace!" He yelled. I couldn't help but laugh. He started to tickle my sides. I placed the pizza down on the table. I sat up straight in Zayn's lap with my arms around his neck. "I hope you know, your the one that I want." Zayn said to me as he cradled me in his arms.

"Your the only one I want to be with too." I whispered to him before we shared a kiss.

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