Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


24. No More Tention

~Zayn's P.O.V~

After the movie was over, Grace and I got dressed and decided to go some where for lunch. "Do you want me to see if everyone wants to meet up for lunch?" Grace asked me as she walked out of the bathroom. "If you want to, or we could all meet up for dinner tonight." "Okay, we can all just meet up for dinner." We both agreed. She called everyone and they all agreed on dinner tonight. We then walked out the door. "So, where are we going?" Grace asked me as I took her hand. "I was thinking we could walk to that cafe in the park." She smiled at me. "That sounds perfect." We intwined our hands with each other and walked along the sidewalk. It was a chilled day outside, and it was a bit cloudy. "I missed you." Grace said as she leaned her head on my arm. "I missed you too." I said as I kissed her head. We arrived at the cafe after a while and sat down in the warm building. "Hi, can I start you off with a drink?" The waitress asked us. "I'll have a water." Grace said. "I'll have a water as well." I added on. We ordered our food, and after a while we ate. "This was great." Grace said as I payed and we walked out. "Thankyou." She said as we walked out the door. We decided to walk around the park. "So, when do you and the guys have to leave for your tour?" She asked as we walked in the cold crisp air. "Well, we leave for the tour in about two months, but we have a big interveiw in a week, so we are going to be gone for a few days this week." I saw Grace frown. "Well, I'll miss you." She whispered to me as we stopped walking. A few girls ran up to us. "Zayn! Can I have a hug! I love you! Can you sign this?" Girls squeeled as Grace stepped back. I looked at her but, she just smiled. I gave the girls a few hugs, took pictures, and signed a few things. Once they walked off I noticed Grace walked over to the railing that looked out over water. I walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her. She turned around quickly. "You scared me Zayn." She laughed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me. "I love you so much." I said to her as I held her. Grace is the best thing I've ever had, and that will never change. "I love you too." She said as she moved her head from my neck. I glanced at her lips and back at her eyes. She smiled as I leaned in and kissed her lips. She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. After a few moments, Grace moved away from me. "Let's go. I'm pretty cold." She said as she intwined her hand into mine. "Here." I said as I took off my blazer and wrapped it around her bare arms. "Thanks." She smiled. Her nose was pink, and the cold air made her skin pale. I wrapped my arms around her. She looked at me. We shared one more kiss, than headed back to the flat.

~Grace's P.O.V~

After we made it back to Zayn's flat, I decided I needed to go home and get come proper clothes for dinner. Zayn gave me a ride to my place, since my car was at my apartment. We pulled up into the parking lot. "Thanks for the ride Zayn." I said as he put his car in park. "Anytime babe." He replied. I smiled at the thought of him calling me babe because he never really does. I guess we don't have that kind of mushy love relationship. We are just two normal people. Well kind of. "Well, I'll see you tonight." I said as I broke the silence. "Yeah, I'll see you tonight." He said as I opened my car door. I walked up to my door and was about to walk in, but someone had stopped me. I turned around and saw Zayn. "You forgot something." He said. "What?" I asked him confused. He didn't even answer. He just kissed me on the lips. I felt the sparks fly. I smiled against his lips as he moved his hands to my cheeks. I pulled away after a few more seconds, "I'll see you tonight." I whispered to him as I opened my door. He just nodded his head. I walked in and closed the door softly. I walked in my room and put my phone on the charger. I took a hot shower, then walked in my closet. I needed something that was good in cold weather, but was elegant. I found a long-sleeved pale blue dress. It had a thick, soft texture, so I knew it would keep me warm. I slipped it on and it came right to my knees. I slipped it on and looked at how it looked on me. It was a tight fitting dress. It showed all of my curves. I walked into the bathroom and blow-dried my hair. It was cold out so I straightened it and left it down. I put on some mascara and a little pink lip gloss. I put on my heels and grabbed my phone. It was about eight, so I decided to head out. I grabbed my coat and slipped it on before I walked outside. I hopped in my car and headed to the resturant. Zayn and I still hadn't told anyone that we are okay now. So, tonight we have to tell them. I pulled up to the resturant. I was running late. I quickly walked in the door. "Hi, I'm meeting up with a few people." I said to the man who sat people. "How many are at your table." "About 8, I think." I told him. He nodded and walked me to the back. As we walked around the corner I saw everyone chatting. I thanked the man and walked over to them. "Hey guys. Sorry I'm late." I said as I sat down next to Zayn. Lyndasy gave me a weird look. "No problem." Liam said. I felt Zayn slip his hand into mine under the table. I looked at him and smiled. "So, what's going on with the two of you?" Lyndasy asked me. I looked at everyone, and they obviously wanted to know too. "Well, me and Zayn are okay now." I said as I looked at Zayn. Louis gasped. "So, we are all a family again?" Louis asked in a high pitched voice. Everyone giggled a bit. "We never stopped being one." I said as we all stopped giggiling. We ordered our food and just talked about what was going on in our lives. After a few hours we all started getting tired. El and Louis were the first people to leve, then Niall and Lyndasy, after was Dani and Liam, and Harry left with them as well. Zayn and I left after. He had followed me to my place. We both walked inside. "Thanks for tonight." I told Zayn as I walked back to my room. I slipped off my heels and took off my coat. "Anytime babe." He replied to me. I changed into some sweat pants and a t-shirt. Zayn had slipped off his shirt and put on a pair of his sweatpants that were here. I walked in the bathroom and washed off my mascara and wiped my lip gloss off. I walked out of the bathroom and saw laying down in the bed. I switched off the lights and slipped under the blanket. I layed my head right on Zayn's chest. He slipped his arms around me, pulling my whole body securely around his. "I love you." He whispered to me as he played with a strand of my hair. I looked at him. "I love you too." I whispered to me. He kissed me softly on my lips. I placed my head back on his chest.

I fell asleep as I listened to every beat his heart made. Every breath we both took.

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