Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


26. Next To You

~Zayn's P.O.V~

"She is in room 436. That's on the third floor then to your right." A woman who was sitting at a desk told us. Me and Niall ran up the stairs to the third floor. We pushed through the doors and ran down the hall. I saw Lyndasy sitting outside on a bench. "Is she ok?" I asked her as she stood up quickly. "I don't know. Nobody has told me anything." She said wiping a few tears from her eyes. Her voice was cracky as she spoke. Niall sat down and held her. I started pacing outside the door. "Well what happened?" I asked Lyndasy. "Well, she was practicing and I decided to go see her sice I was in the studio. I walked in and saw her on the floor. Her eyes were closed, so I called the ambulance and they picked her up." It hurt me with every word she said. I continued pacing until a doctor walked out of the room. "Are you here for Grace?" The nurse asked us. "Yes." Lyndasy said quickly. "She is asleep right now." "Is she ok?" I asked her. "She is fine, but she broke her wrist and we are going to keep her overnight for observation." "Can we see her?" "Yes, but be quiet she is asleep." The nurse replied. Niall, Lyndasy, and I walked into the room. I saw her laying down with her eyes closed. She had a cast on her wrist going to her mid-arm. I watched as she layed there. I just wanted to wrap her up in my arms, and heal her. Lyndasy sat beside her and held her hand. Niall was right behind Lyndasy holding her. I stood in front of the hospital bed. All I wanted right now was for her to wake up. I paced around the room as the time passed by.

~ 2 Hours Later ~

I saw her move! I know I did. I watched as she stretched out her hand. I walked up close beside her. It was late and Lyndasy and Niall were layed out on the couch. I watched her eyes open. I smiled, I have been waiting for this. "Grace?" She looked at me as she turned her head slowly. "Zayn?" "Yeah, it's me." "Where are we?" She asked as she sat up slowly. She let out a soft cry as she used her bad hand to push her up. "Grace, you broke you wrist." I said as I helped her sit up. "Oh, well when do I get to go home?" "Well, they are keeping you overnight for observation." She sighed and moved her hair out of her face. "I missed you." I said to her as I sat beside her. She looked at me and smiled. "I missed you too!" She said happily. "Well, how is your wrist feeling?" "Well it hurts a little but, it's not too bad." I moved my legs and layed them out on the hospital bed so I could lay beside Grace. She layed her head down  right below my collar bone. "Sorry." She said softly. "What are you sorry for?" She sighed. "For screwing up." "Grace, it wasn't your fault and you shouldn't be saying sorry." I held her tighter and closer. She nuzzled her head down in my chest. We layed there silently, then Lyndasy and Niall woke up. "Grace! I'm so happy your ok!" Lyndasy said as she hugged Grace. "Your choking me." Grace said to Lyndasy. Niall gave her a hug and we chatted a bit, and told her how worried we were about her. After a while, Lyndasy and Niall left. I stayed with Grace overnight, to make sure she would be ok.

~ Next Day ~

~Grace's P.O.V~

We headed to Zayn's place after I got out the hospital. I have to wear this stupid thing on my wrist! I hate it. Zayn stayed with me last night, and I felt safe in his arms. We pulled into the drive of his flat. We walked in and I placed my bag down. I hurt my wrist a little and winced a bit at the pain. "Are you alright?" Zayn said as he quickly ran beside me. "Yeah, I just hit my wrist a little. That's all." I looked up into his eyes. I saw the concern in his deep brown eyes. "Zayn, I'm fine." I said as I placed my hand on his cheek. "Just pretend like it's not even there." I said as I moved in closer to him. He smiled down at me. I felt his hand move to my lower back, and he pulled me in tightly to him. "I just don't want you to get hurt again." He said as he pushed my hair back. "I'll be okay." I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He nodded and held me tightly back. I wanted to catch up on the night we missed because Zayn and I never get to just have that 'quality time'. I kissed him softly on his jaw, but he quickly retreated his lips onto mine. His lips on mine made me feel so right. Every way we moved in sync made sparks fly. I felt Zayn arms hitch me onto him as he walked to his room. I felt the soft bed on my back, then Zayn's lips kissing softly down my neck. I giggled as he moved down to my shoulder. I pulled his face back to mine as we kissed each others lips. I felt one of his hands move to my shirt as he lifted it up slowly. I reached for the end of his shirt and started to pull it up, revealing his tan, toned chest. I sat up as he pulled my shirt over my head. He quickly slipped his over his head. I felt his warm hands on my hips. I unbuttoned his pants and he unbuttoned my shorts. He pulled me to my feet as they slipped yo my ankles, as his did as well. I kicked them off as Zayn kissed my lips and laid me down on his bed. I have waited for this moment for a while, and now I feel the spark igniting inside of me again.

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