Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


41. Meet Me In The Meadow

~Grace's P.O.V~

I jumped up to the sound of my phone ringing and quickly grabbed it and answered it. "Hello?" "Grace! I've been worried sick about you." "Umm.... who is this?" "Your mother!" I hopped up, pulled my robe on and walked intp the bathroom so I wouldn't wake Zayn. I could already tell I was in trouble. "Mom, why would you be worried about me?" "Well let's see, I had the police call and tell me that they sent Sarah, Jared, and Doug to jail and that your restraining order was confirmed. I didn't even have a clue to what they were talking about until I asked what happened. So, why the hell didn't you tell me that you were kidnapped and sexually assaulted Grace!" I face palmed my head. Why the fuck didn't I call her? "Mom, it's over, I'm safe and Lyndasy is safe. I' m sorry I didn't call." "Oh no, a sorry is not going to fix that. I was also told I have to fly out to London and sign a document saying that I approve the restraining order and the consequences held against those people." I was a bit shocked that she had to come all the way out here. "It wasn't my fault mom." I said softly feeling the guilt. "Look, I love you and I'm just mad that you didn't call." "I know, I'm sorry. It won't happen again." "Well, i'm flying out in a few days so I'll see you then ok." "Okay, love you." "Love you too." With that, I ended our call. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I walked over to the mirror and pulled my hair up and washed my face. As I dried the water from my face, I saw a hickey on my neck. "What." I said to myself. A smile appeared across my face as Zayn walked in. "Everything ok?" He asked. "Well, my mom is coming in a few days and she found out about the thing with Sarah." I sighed knowing that Zayn felt guilty by the look on his face. "This shit is all my fault." I saw his head go down. "No Zayn, it's not. Just don't even worry about it, it's over." My hands were placed on his cheeks as I looked into his eyes.

"Well, I have to go do a photo shoot today." Zayn said as I layed my head on his chest. "I need to go to the studio and arrange classes for the rest of the month." We both layed in silence for a minute. It is amazing how we both have a busy schedule, but always mend time for each other. My thoughts were broken as I felt Zayn's hand boost me up closer to his face. He smiled at me before I placed my lips upon his. "By the way, thanks for the hickey." We both laughed. "Anytime." Zayn replied as he removed one of my curls off my cheek.

After Zayn hopped out the shower and got dressed, he left to the location of the photo shoot. I agreed to go after I left the studio. When I got out the shower, I decided to get dressed and get my schedule over with. I threw on a pair of denim skinny jeans with a long sleeved lace white top and my gray coat, it was fairly cold but, thankfully it wasn't snowing. I quicky dried my hair, and let my natural curls hang from my back. I grabbed my phone, walked out the door and locked it. I then headed to the studio.

"I'll see you tomorrow." I said to Mrs.Catheleine as I walked out the studio door. I was scheduled to tech for the rest of the week, plus I was offered to teach a class for couples dancing, so I accepted. I slid in my car and decided to surprise the boys with Nando's. I dialed there number on my phone and placed an order for pick-up.

I pulled up ta a beautiful location. There were a few barns scattered around, a railroad track, and a beautiful field full of animals. It was beautiful. I grabbed the bags of Nando's and my phone. I started walking through the rocky trail that allowed me to see the view even clearer. The wind started to blow and my hair dangled in the air, the fresh smell of roses filled the air. After a few minutes of standing there taking in the view, I continued walking until I could see the guys posing for pictures. I smiled at them laughing, and just how close there bond is. No one could ever break it. "Nando's!" Niall yelled as he started running towards me. "Surprise." I cheered as he helped me with the bags. "Grace!" Liam, Harry, and Louis said as they squeezed me. "Hey guys." I said as I hugged them all. "You ok?" Liam asked me. "All good." Zayn walked over to me and hugged me. I gave him a quick kiss. "Time to eat!" Niall yelled into the open air. Zayn intwined his fingers with mine as we walked over to a few logs that were placed around a non-started campfire. "I have a surprise for you." Zayn said as he grabbed our food. "What is it?" "Just come with me." Zayn grabbed my hand and pulled me to a golf cart. I hopped in as he took off. "Where are we going?" "You'll see."

Zayn pulled up to a beautiful pond with little ducks swimming around. There was also a few horses trotting around in the field. "Zayn, this is beautiful." I said as I slowly slid off the seat. Zayn slid his fingers in mine as he walked me over to a little blanket that was set up under a tree. Zayn and I both sat down on it. "Why did you do this?" "Well, we never get to do anything really special so I decided to do this for us. Plus, the view is great." I laughed nodding in agreement. We sat there and ate together, pointing out all the little animals that walked up to the pond to get a drink of water. After a while Zayn stood up and reached out for my hand. I glady took his in mine. "Can I have this dance?" "Of course you can." I said smiling and wrapping my arms around his neck. My head layed on his chest as we danced slowly. Zayn started humming the tune of Moments in my ear. "Zayn, thankyou." I said as he spun me around under his arm. "For what?" He asked a bit confused. "For just being there, filling the empty spaces, and healing the wounds." Zayn stopped moving and placed one of his hands on my cheek. "I will always to be there, no matter who comes between us, no matter where we go, no matter how far apart, and no matter what the distance. I will always be there to love the love that you give." I smiled at him as I felt tears fill up in my eyes. Zayn quickly wiped it away from my cheek and slowly placed his lips on mine. My hands creeped there way up his neck to the nape of his hair. "Woohoo!" I heard a few guys yell and whistle. I broke our kiss and looked back at Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry laughing. "Looks like they found us." Zayn whispered as he still held onto my waist. I quickly pecked him on the lips one last time before we walked over to the guys after we picked up our stuff. "Looks like you two had fun." Louis laughed. "Haha, very funny." I replied sarcastically. Zayn and I hopped in the cart, but this time I got to drive. "Can we catch a ride back?" Liam asked. "Sure." I smiled. Liam, Niall and Harry got on, but right before Louis sat I pulled up a bit. "The sass masters' ass can walk." I laughed as I pulled up some more as he tried to get on again. "Come on." He pleaded. After a few more times I let him back on. I just love these boys.

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