Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


43. Long Nights, Strange Men.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

It was freezing tonight, so I still don't understand why Stan would have a swim party. As we pulled up to Stan's house, I noticed how many people were there. there were cars lined down the street and when we parked our car and all of us got out, there was at least 100 people here. "Well, I guess stan invited a few more people?" Louis said innocently. We continued walking until we came to the backyard. There was beer and mixed drinks spread everywhere, people dancing with each other in there swim suites, music blasting as high as it could go, and a huge pool overflowing with beach balls and bubbles. "Holy shit." i heard Niall as we all stood in aw. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go have some fun." Harry bursted out. We all laughed as we walked into the crowd of untamed people dancing and drinking like there was no tommorow.

"Stan this is Zayn, Zayn this is Stan." Louis said as he introduced me to his friend. "And Stan this is Grace, Grace this is Stan." Grace smiled and shook Stan's hand. "Nice to meet you." She said loud enough so he coould hear her over the music. "You too." He replied. "Well you guys help yourself to any drinks, and the pool." Stan said as he walked off with Louis to greet more people. "Where do we start?" Grace said in my ear. "Want a drink?" I had to yell over the music. Grace quickly nodded her head and we walked over to a little bar full of beer, and colorful mixed drinks. I grabbed two cups full of a pink liquid with a fruity aroma. Grace smiled as I handed her a cup. "Thankyou very much!" she said over the music. I  laughed and pulled her closer to me by her waist.

~Grace's P.O.V~

I walked over to the pool with Zayn's arm wrapped around me tightly squeezing through the crowd of people dancing to the music. When we finally made it over to the pool, I sat down on the side with Zayn. "Having fun?" I asked as I leaned closer to Zayn's ear. "Not quite yet." He said with a smirk. "Maybe this will help." I laughed as I set my drink down and stood up. I slowly pulled my shirt over my head and threw it into Zayn's lap. His smirk turned into a face in struck. His mouth was slightly opened as I slowly slid my shorts down my legs, leaving me in my white bikini. I sat back down in front of Zayn. "Now?" I laughed. He just nodded his head still a bit shocked. I smiled as I hovered above his lips and softly placed my lips on top of his. "Grace!!!" Louis yelled. I quickly yurned my head, and next thing you knew I was pushed into the freezing cold, bubbly filled, crowded pool.

I quickly picked my head up out of the water and breathed in a fresh breath of oxygen. "Louis!!" I yelled. "You little shit! I am going to kill you when I get out of here!" I yelled at him. "Grace, you know you love me." Louis laughed as he walked off. I looked over at Zayn who was laughing. "This is not funny." I said as I got closer to the edge by Zayn. He just started laughing even harder. "I'm sorry Grace. It's not funny." Zayn said still laughing. I just rolled my eyes and swam through people and hopped out onto the other side where they had a supply of thick, warm, fluffy towels.

I quickly wrapped one around my body. I looked over at Zayn who was obviously looking for me through the crowd of people. I just sighed and stood there, shivering my ass off. "Cold?" Someone asked behind me. I turned around to find a guy about my age. "Very." I laughed. "I'm Jason by the way." He put his hand out. "Grace." I said as I shook it. "I could get you a change of warm clothes?" He offered. "Oh no, I have some shorts and a shirt. It's ok." "No, I insist. I wouldn't want you getting sick." He smiled. I just shook my head slightly. "Please." It's like he was begging me. "I guess." I replied as I gave in. "Great. Here, they are just in the house." Jason said as he forwarded me to follow him into the house. I glanced at Zayn once more who was now standing up walking around the pool. I stopped in my tracks, debating if I should go back or not. After all, it wasn't Zayn's fault. "Coming?" I broke out of my thoughts as Jason stood in front of me. "I should just go back. My boyfriend is looking for me." I said as I was about to turn around. "You're just going to get a change of clothes. That's all." Jason assured. "Okay." I nodded as he led me into the filled house.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

"Grace!" I yelled. It's like she just dissappeared, and that just can't happen again. I saw Harry talking with a few girls over by some chairs. "Harry!" I yelled over the music as I finally made my way over to him. "Have you seen Grace?" "Yeah, she walked inside a few minutes ago, wrapped up in a towel." I sighed and walked through a few people and finally made my way inside. "Grace." I said as I walked through some people. I saw some stairs and began walking up them. There were girls dancing along the railing. "Wanna dance?" a girl with black hair and dancing in a bikini asked. "No thanks." I said as I continued walking up the stairs. "Come on. It's a party! Have a little fun." The girl said pulling herself onto me. " I said no. Please get off of me." I said as I removed her hands from my waist and walked up the stairs.

There were a few doors, and there are many possible chances Grace could be in them. I knocked on the first one and there was no answer. I opened it slightly and there was no one there. I went to the next door and I could hear some people talking. I opened it slightly. "What the fuck?" A girl asked. I quickly covered my eyes and closed the door. It's not like I knew she was having sex. I walked to another door and right as I was about to knock, some guy walked out. "Can I help you?" He asked. "Yeah, have you seen a girl with long light brown hair. Kind of short. Goes by the name of Grace." He just smiled. "Yeah, she's in there." He then walked down the hall. Why the fuck was he in the same room with Grace? I walked in a nd shut the door behind me. "Grace?" I asked as I walked in. "Zayn?" I heard grace say as she walked out of a bathroom. Her hair was a mess. "What were you doing in here?" I asked, getting serious. "Jason was giving me a change of clothes since Louis had to push me in." she just laughed. "And, what else did you and 'Jason' do?" Grace just looked at me confused. "What are you talking about?" "Don't play stupid Grace! Just answer the question." "Zayn, Jason brought me up here to get some warmer clothes since I was freezing my ass off. That's all that happened! I can't beleive you're that dumb enough to think that I would do anything with Jason." Now I was getting pissed. "Me? Dumb enough? You would think that you would have learned to not walk off with random people after what happed a few fucking days ago!"

~Grace's P.O.V~

I can't beleive this. How could Zayn think I would do something like that. "Oh, so It's my fault you crazy ex-girlfriend took me and my best friend because she was jealous that I was with 'you'. I can't beleive you Zayn. You would think after all this time we have been together you would learn how to trust me!" "Well Grace, for as long as we've been together, I would've thought you wouldn't go off with strange guys." Zayn's tone turned down. I am just so disgusted that he would think that I would do that. "You're a dick Zayn!" I yelled. I threw my wet towel at his chest and ran out the room.

I ran down the hall and down the stairs, past the girls grinding with boys amungst the stairs.When I saw the door, I quickly ran out. There were people everywhere, and I just couldn't think as I was on the verge of tears. I breathed in heavily as I saw Lyndasy, Danielle, and Liam. I squirmed through many people and finally made it over to them. "Hey Grace!" Lyndasy said as she wrapped her arm around my shoulder. "I actually came to tell you guys that I'm gonna go." "What's wrong?" Danielle cam over and patted my back. "I have work tommorow, and it's really late." "Well, do you want me to drive you?" Liam asked. "No, no. You guys have fun. I'll see you guys around." I said as I gave them all hugs goodbye. "Well is Zayn going with you?" Lyndasy asked. "No, he is staying here. And if he asks where I am, tell him I went home." "What happened?" Danielle insisted. "Let's just say I'm done." I said as I waved all of them goodbye. I pulled out my phone and called a taxi. They met me at the end of the street and drove me to Zayn's place.

I ingnored my phone and quickly packed all of my clothes, and everything that was mine. I don't know why Zayn was doing what he did. I hope he realizes that he truly hurt me. Once all of my belongings were in my hands, I grabbed my car keys and hopped in, driving all the way to my apartment. it has been a while since I have been here, since I was obviously going to move in with Zayn. I locked the front door behind me as I carried my bag to my room. It was already ten, and I had to me at the studio for 9:00am. I set my bag down and gladly hopped in the hot shower, drenching my body with suds through my hair, and all of my body. After I rinsed off and changed into some warm fuxxy pants and a thick thermal, I gladly plopped down on my bed.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

"She went home Zayn." Lyndasy said frustrated. She was sitting by Niall on a lounge. "Why did she leave? And how did she get there?" So many questions, came out so fast. "Zayn! Why do you even care. You obviously hurt her..'again', and you can't change that. She is my best friend and for you to hurt her like that makes me want to just hurt you as much, so leave me alone Zayn. And Grace too!" Lyndasy yelled straight at me. I turned before I could say anythingg else. She went home, so at least I know where she is. I quickly pushed through some peole to my car and made my way to the apartment.

All the lights were out when I pulled out and quickly jumped out the car. I didn't even have time to look around me as I fiddled my keys into the lock and ran in. "Grace?" No answer. I checked the guest room. No one there. I then went into the room that we shared. "Grace?" I whispered before I turned the light on. there was no one. Nothing of hers left. Her clothes, shoes. Everything was gone. Great. She just leaves. I sat on the edge of the bed and ran my fingers through my hair, causing my quiff to fall. I turned my head and saw a note, folded nicely on top of the pillow she slept on.

Dear Zayn,
       Please don't worry about me. I just want you to know I'm ok, and that I'm safe. I genuinley think that it's time for us to take a little break. Maybe one day you can get over the fact that I love you, and could never even think of being with anyone else. So, just don't make it any harder than it is. Just know that I love you, but please just don't worry about me. You need to move on with your career, and I need to move on with mine.

                                                           Love, Grace.

Great. I just ruined everything.


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