Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


34. Keeping Me Warm

~Grace's P.O.V~

Zayn drove me to his place after Niall had picked up Lyndasy at the airport. Zayn pulled the car up to the driveway and took the keys out the ignition. I grabbed my bag and Zayn and I quickly ran out of the snow and inside the flat. "It's freezing." I said as Zayn closed the door behind him. He smiled at me and picked me up in his arms. "What are you doing?" I laughed. He threw me over his shoulder. My bag had slipped out of my hand as he walked over to the couch. He layed me down on my back. He layed beside me on his back. My laughter stopped as his warm skin touched against mine. I leaned my head against his shoulder. " I'm so happy I'm back." I said softly in the silence that we shared. "Me too, but the boys and I got a lot of recording done." He replied back. Zayn pulled me closer and my head layed on his chest. His skin warmed me. It made me feel complete. I turned a bit and looked into his dark chocolate brown eyes. He pulled me closer to his face and I hovered above his lips. "Kiss me." He whispered. I smiled at him cheekily. Just knowing that he wanted a kiss made me get butterflies. I slowly pushed my lips onto his. I placed my finger tips lightly onto the edge of his cheek. I felt his hands move to my mid-back. I removed my lips from his. I got up from the couch. Zayn gave me a very confused look. I just smiled. "What are you doing?" He asked me. "Well, I honestly don't want to do this on the couch." He smirked back at me. He stood up as I grabbed my bag and walked to the bedroom. I walked to go put my bag down on the opposite side of the room, and I heard Zayn close the bedroom door. I turned around and Zayn was right in front of me. I smiled at him through the dark as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt his arms slide onto my lower back and then lean down and kiss me. He hitched me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked backwards to the bed. He slowly placed me down on the matress and placed soft kisses down my neck, then down to my collar bone. I kicked off my boots as I slid Zayn's jacket off of his arms. A moan escaped from my lips as he sucked softly on my neck. Zayn sat me up then slid the big sweater off of my body. The cold air hit my skin and gave me goosebumps. I pulled Zayn's shirt over his head and revealed his tan, toned chest. Zayn and I switched positions and I was now on the top. I leaned down and my cold body was instantly warmed with Zayn's hot skin. I felt Zayn's hands on the top of my denim jeans, and then them falling off of me. I moved my hand up to Zayn's face and then through his hair. My other hand was unzipping his jeans. While they slid down his legs, he was unclipping my bra. We both moved backwards towards the pillows. We once again switched positions, and Zayn was on top again. My panties were gone as well as Zayn's boxers. Zayn pulled the duvet over the both of us. He kissed me on my lips softly as we both yearned for each other. "I love you Zayn." I whispered to him. "I love you too." He whispered into my ear. His warm breath trinkled down my neck. I ran my fingers over his Zap tatoo all the way to his arabic writing on his collar bone. After a moment, a mix of pleasure ran through me as we both moved in sync. I pulled his face closer to mine and kissed him as we both moved. A moan escaped my lips as Zayn slipped his tounge into my mouth. Zayn knew how to make me reach me reach my climax, and he did.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

It was cold. I opened one of my eyes, and then the next. I glanced out the window and there was snow falling from the sky. I turned my head to Grace, and she was just waking up. I watched as hey eyes fluttered open and her crystal blue eyes illuminated the room. I watched as she pulled the duvet closer to her petite body. She then turned to me and I broke out of my gaze. "Morning." She said softly. "Morning." I replied. She leaned in to kiss me, but I heard a door open then close. She looked at me nervously. 'What was that?" She asked worridley. "I don't know." I replied. I jumped out of the bed and quickly slipped on clean boxers. I was about to open the door, but it swung open. "Good morning!" Louis said happily. I looked over at Grace who held the duvet securly around her bare body. "what are you doing here?" I asked him. " I was wondering if you guys wanted to go to my football game today?" He replied. "You couldn't just call?' I asked him. "I called last night, and no one answered." Louis replied as he leaned against the door frame. I looked at Grace and smiled. Her cheeks started turning pink as she looked down. "So, is that a yes?" Louis asked. "Yeah, that sounds fun Louis." Grace replied. "Great, it starts as 3:00." He replied. I nodded. He kind of just stood there. "umm, Louis. I'm not trying to be rude, but can you get out so I can get dressed?" Grace asked him. Louis smiled. "You guys must of had fun last night." Louis smiled. "We sure did." I said as I walked him out. "See you later." I said to Louis as he walked out the door. I walked back to the bedroom and saw that the bathroom light was on. I looked at the bed and Grace wasn't there. I knocked on the door. I heard water running. "Come in." Grace said. I walked in and felt the moisture in the air from the hot water. I walked over to the shower and I could see Grace's figure through the fog on the glass. I slid the glass open. She moved to the side. "Is Louis still here?" she asked. I laughed a little. "No, he left." I replied to her. she moved back under the water. "Good, because that was kind of imbarassing." she replied. I smirked at her. "I never got that kiss." I said to her as she worked the shampoo out of her hair. Grace looked at me and smiled. She then moved over to my face. She placed her lips on the side of my lips and teased my lips softly. She then moved over to my lips and our lips moved in sync. She stepped back and smiled at me teasingly. "You know, the water feels great." She said in a sexy tone. "If only you knew." She teased. I smirked at her. "Is that an invitation?" I asked her. She instantly collided her lips onto mine. I slid my boxers off and hopped in the shower with her. We both we very satisfied.



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