Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


39. I'll Be Ok

~Zayn's P.O.V~

I was awaken by the bright, cold sunlight that spread across my face. I opened my heavy eyes. I was to paranoid to go to sleep last night. I just felt like something bad would happen to Grace, and that just can't happen again. I quicklt turned as I watched Grace remove one of her arms from under the duvet, to the side of her fragile face. A smile grew as I looked at her pink lips, and just how perfect she looked. But, I noticed a purple mark on her lower shoulder. I softly brushed my fingers over it, but there was instantly a knock on the door. I jumped a little, but the pulled the duvet from over me and walked to the door. I opened it slightly and saw Niall. "Yeah?" I asked him as I slid through the door and closed it softly behind me. "I wanted to know if you wanted to go out and get some breakfast." Niall said as we walked into the living area. I sunk into the couch, and Niall sat in the love seat. "That sounds good." I replied as I rubbed my eyes. "Tired?" He asked me. "Just a bit. I mean, I was just paranoid about what happened, and I kept thinking that something was gonna happen." "Same here. Lyndasy was telling me what happened and I just couldn't even listen to all of it because I was getting so pissed." "I can't beleive that there are fucked up people like that out there." as I said that, Lyndasy walked in.

"Hey princess." Niall said as Lyndasy sat beside him. "Morning." She yawned. "We're gonna go out for breakfast." Niall said to her. "Ok." She replied. "Well, I guess we'll meet you at Latana in about an hour and a half." Niall said to me as he helped Lyndasy up. I stood up as well. "Yeah, I'll call you when we're ready." "Ok.I'll see you in a bit." Niall said as he was about to walk out the door. "Oh, Zayn. Can you tell Grace that I hope she's feeling better." Lyndasy said to me. "Of course." I replied as she gave me a quick hug. "Thanks." She said as she walked out the door. I locked it, and the headed towards the room.

I slowly opened the door and then closed it behind me. Grace was still asleep as I layed beside her. "Grace." I whispered as I rubbed the top of her arm. She moved a bit before she slowly opened her eyes. "Morning." She said as she sat up slowly looking around. "How long have you been up?" She asked me as she stretched her arms over her head. "Not long but, we're going out to breakfast with Niall and Lyndasy in a bit, so I just wanted to wake you to let you know. And Lyndasy said 'I hope you feel better'." "Ok." She replied softly as she rubbed friction on her arms to keep her warm. "Here." I said as I layed down and pat the side beside me. Grace smiled and quickly layed by my side. I felt her chest as she breathed. "Are you ok, from what happened last night?" I asked her as I rubbed circles in her back. "I'll be ok." she replied softly and I felt her warm lips kiss my wrist. "So anyway, where are we going for breakfast?" Grace asked obviously wanting to change the subject. "Latana's." "Yum." Grace smiled. "Well, I'm gonna go take a shower." Grace said as she sat up and leaned over to me. I felt her warm lips on mine for a quick second, but then she moved away.

~Grace's P.O.V~

I felt Zayn hold my arm, so I turned back to him. "What's wrong?" I asked him very confused. "I didn't want you to stop." He smirked. I laughed a bit and turned back towards him, and leaned in just above his lips. "Stop what?" I whispered as I hovered cenimeters away from his lips. "You're such a tease." I couldn't help but laugh. "I try my hardest." I then felt Zayn's hand on the back of my neck and he quickly pushed my lips onto his. I brough one of my legs on the other side of him and moved my hands to his neck. I felt Zayn's tounge asking for entrance, and I gladly accepted. as the kiss got deeper and deeper, I felt Zayn's hands starting to pull the shoulder of his shirt that I was wearing down. I slowly pulled away. "Later." I whispered as our foreheads touched. I then slid my leg from over him and hopped off the bed. I headed towards the bathroom and turned the water on. "Babe." I heard Zayn call my name. I quickly walked back in the room. "Yeah?" "Well, your always here with me, and I hate how you just have to keep you clothes in a bag, so I was wondering if you wanted to just stay here with me?" He asked me shyly as he rubbed the back of his neck. I couldn't help but smile. "Of course." I smiled at him as I walked to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. "We can go get your stuff later." He said as I took a step back. "Perfect." I said before I pecked his lips.

I quickly hopped out the shower and secured the light blue towel I had, around me. I walked out of the bathroom, and into the empty bedroom. I walked over to my bag, but none of my clothes were there. "Zayn? Do you know where my clothes are?' I asked him as I walked into the living area where he was sitting. "Oh yeah, they're hanging in my closet." He smiled. I smiled back,, and walked back into the bedroom, and into the closet. There, my clothes were hanging next to Zayn's. I smiled at the sight of knowing that it would all be like this. I quickly grabbed my grey Hollister thermal, and my white skinny jeans. I then grabbed my white bra, and a fresh pair of underwear. Then, I quickly got dressed and dried my hair. Zayn walked in in the process. as I walked to go grab my gray beanie, Zayn stopped me. "You look really good in those jeans." I laughed. "You look great in yours too." I replied as I quickly grabbed my beanie and slipped in on loosely. "You might want this." Zayn said as he handed me my coat. "Thankyou." I walked back in the closet and slipped on some grey Vans. "Ready?" I asked him as I slipped my phone in the back pocket of my jeans. "Yeah." He replied as he grabbed his keys to the car. we both walked outside hand in hand all the way to his car.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

"So, how are you feeling?" Lyndasy asked Grace as she sipped her hot chocolate. "I'm fine, I just don't want to bring up what happened." Grace smiled back. We all agreed not to talk about what happened, because it was just to hard for all of us to handle. Once our food arrived, we all ate, talked, and shared a few laughs. "Well, I have great news." Grace smiled as the waitress cleaned the table. I smiled by knowing that she was genuinly happy about it. "What?" Lyndasy asked her. "I'm moving in with Zayn." Her smile was glowing as she spoke. "That's great." Niall laughed. After we talked a bit more, we payed for our meal, then headed out to our cars. As I opened the door for Grace, Lyndasy, and Niall, there were fans all huddled by the door. "How can they do this in the cold weather?" I asked Niall. "Well, you guys go. Lyndasy and I will go sit in the car." Grace said. Niall and I nodded, and I handed Grace the keys. We walked over to all the girls with blakets wrapped around them, and magazines, posters, and phones to sign. Niall and took many photos, and signed alot of things. "You guys get home before you get sick." Niall called to them as we walked back to our cars. Lyndasy and Grace were sitting in my car talking. "Shh."Niall whispered as we got close. I knew what he was about to do. Niall quickly oopened the door and scared Lyndasy and Grace. "Don't do that!" Lyndasy said as he playfully hit Niall's arm. "Sorry princess." He replied as he kissed her. I saw Grace look over to me and smile as they continued to kiss. It was a bit awkward. "Ok, well do you guys want to go out tonight?" I asked as I scratched the back of my neck. Lyndasy and Niall started laughing as they looked over at me. "Sure." Niall answered. "Well, I guess we can meet up at Funky Buddha on Berkeley street tonight." "Around 10 good?" Niall asked . I looked at Grace and Lyndasy, and they both nodded. Grace hopped out the car and walked over to Lyndasy. "See you tonight." Grace said as she hugged Lyndasy. She then walked over to Niall and gave him a hug. "See you guys tonight." Grace smiled as she walked over by me. I gave Lyndasy a hus. "Congrats you two!" Lyndasy smiled as she walked to Niall's car with him. Grace and I waved by as we hopped in my car. Maybe something 'fun' will happen tonight.


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