Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


37. I Know Who It Was

~Grace's P.O.V~

"Welcome to my home." Sarah said as she opened up a door to a house. Lyndasy and I were both forced to walk in. "Well boys, thanks for the help." Sarah said to the two guys who released Lyndasy and I. They quickly locked the door witha key and one of them slipped it in their pockets. Lyndasy and I were just standing there. I wish I could be back at the stadium right now. "Well, do you like my place?" Sarah asked nochalantly. I couldn't hold back my frustration and anger anymore. "You really think we want to be here? Do you realize you kidnapped us! We don't even want to be here and you just think you can ask us if we like your place!!?" I yelled furiously. Sarah stared at me with utter shock. I hated her for doing this. "Why did you take us in the first place? We did nothing to you!" I yelled once more. Sarah still stood there. "I never realized you felt that way?" Sarah said softly. I was a bit surprised by the way she said it. "I guess if you really want to leave then you can." Sarah added softly as she slowly turned around. "Really?" I asked confusingly. sarah then quickly turned around and started laughing. "You really fell for that!" she said inbetween her laughter. I looked at Lyndasy with a desperate face. "Your a horrible person." Lyndasy said to her. "I know." Sarah replied. "Now you two, go get showered and change into fresh clothes for dinner." Sarah said sternly. "And if we don't?" I asked her as she turned around. "If you don't you won't like your punishment." Sarah replied harshly as she grabbed my arm. She led me to a door and opened it. "Get showered!" She yelled as she threw me onto a plush matress. "Lyndasy, you too!" She yelled as Lyndasy quickly ran in the room. "You have half an hour!" Sarah yelled at the both of us as she slammed the door behind her. I rubbed at my arm as a purple bruise started to show amungst my tan skin. "Bitch." I whispered under my breath. Lyndasy and walked over to me and sat next to me. "Are you okay?" she asked me softly as she rubbed my back. "I just want to go home." I whispered as I hugged her. "Me too." She whispered in my hair. We sat there for a few minutes, then under Sarah's command, we each took a shower in the two bathrooms that were supplied. After I got out the shower, I walked into the room. I didn't really notice Lyndasy, and my name that was painted along the walls. There were also two queen beds, two wardrobes, two of everything really. I was broken out of my thoughts when Lyndasy walked out of her bathroom. I then noticed a dress layed out on the two beds. "Guessing this side of the room is mine." I said as I walked over to one of the beds. "Well you name is on that wall." Lyndasy replied. I looked at the dress, underwear, and bra that was set out on the bed. "How does she know our bra size?" Lyndasy asked me as she held the one that was placed on her bed up. "Well, have you not noticed, she is a stalker." I said as I started to slip on the clothing that was supplied. The dress was laced and was fairly short, and I didn't feel very comfortable in it. I looked over at Lyndasy who had a short dress as well, but was not laced. "I feel like I'm naked." I said as I looked down at my dress. "I feel that I can't breath because this dress is so tight." Lyndasy said as she tried to pull the dress down a bit. "Lyndasy and Grace! Time for dinner!" One of the guys said as they barged into the room. Lyndasy and I quicly brushed out our nearly dry hair and slipped on the heels that were manditory to wear. We were escorted into a dining room area and were sat down in big facy chairs. This was not going to be a good dinner.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

After Niall and I told the Police that it was our girlfriends that were kidnapped, they wanted us to go down to the office with them. We quickly ran up to our seats and told everyone what was going on. Niall and I didn't even have time to answer questions. We needed to find Grace and Lyndasy. I drove to the station with Niall and we were brought to a room towards the back. We were then sat down in front of a desk where the police man sat. "So, you were telling me they went to go get drinks?" The Police asked Niall and I. "Yes, Grace asked us if we wanted anything, and I said yeah I'll have a water, and the Lyndasy tagged along with her." Niall said shakily. I knew he was taking this hard as well. "Ok, well where were you two at the time?" He asked us. "We were down on the sidelined of the field talking to our mate, Louis." I replied nervously. I had never experienced this, ever. "Well, do you know if Lyndasy or Grace had and bad reguards with anyone lately?" The Police asked. I looked at Niall and we both shrugged. "Not that I know of." Niall answered. "I talked to a few girls, and they said they saw a girl with black hair, a little taller than the girl known as Grace." The Police added. I just started to think back. I don't remember anyone at her dance studio that she didn't get along with. "Hey, Lyndasy told me about that girl that Grace didn't like." Niall stated to me as he sat up in his chair quickly. "That girl that was with us at the movies!" he said snapping his fingers remembering. I was thinking back. I then realized who he was talking about. "Sarah?" I asked him. "That's her." Niall said jumping out of his chair. "Who?" The Police man asked. "Her name is Sarah Tulane." I replied quickly. He typed something in on his computer. He then turned it towards me. "Is this her?" He asked me. I nodded. "Well, she has a record of breaking and entering, and she has quite a few of restraining orders." He added. "Well are we going to go check?" Niall asked. "Yes, you two go wait outside until I can find an adress." He said. Niall and I filed out of his office. "I hope he finds an adress." Niall said with hope.

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