Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


19. I Have To Move On

~Grace's P.O.V~

I woke up slowly, feeling a little better. Everything was spinning around me for a moment, but it slowly stopped. I brought my empty glass of water to the kitchen. I filled it to the top with some orange juice and made some cereal. I heard my phone ring from my room. I quickly went to see who it was. It was Lyndasy, thankfully. I answered it. "Hey ." I said softly. "Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping?" I sighed a bit. "I'm not feeling very well." "What's wrong?" "I just, need to be alone for a while." "Grace, what the hell is wrong?" I sighed once more. I had to tell her. "I saw her..." My voice started to crack as tears started to roll from my eyes. "I saw Sarah with Zayn last night. She was on top of him, kissing him." I was now sobbing into the phone. "Oh Grace, I'm so sorry." She paused. "Well, get dressed and we can just hang out today." "I guess that would be ok." I said as I wiped the tears away. "Great, I will pick you up." And with that I ended our call. As much as I didn't want to go, I knew Lyndasy could make me feel a little better. I walked to my closet and grabbed some skinny jeans and one of my old dance competeition shirts that was maroon. I got dressed and waited for Lyndasy. I still couldn't get Zayn out of my head. I still feel the pain in my chest.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

I jumped at the sound of my phone blaring in my ear. I looked around and let my eyes adjust. I looked at the number on my phone, it was unknown. I declined it as I remembered Sarah. She drugged me. I was about to get out of bed when I noticed I had two voicemails. I listened to the first one. She was waiting for me the whole time. I quickly dialed her number. I hope she doesn't hate me. It rang a few tmes, but went to voicemail. I sighed as I threw my hands behind my head. There was still one more voicemail though. I quickly pressed play. ' Zayn... ' I listedned to every word. I dropped my phone on the bed. What happened? What did I do to her? Why does she hope me and Sarah have a good life together? I need to find out what is going on.

~Grace's P.O.V~

"So, how are you feeling?" Lyndasy asked me as we looked at some shirts hanging off a rack at a store. "I'm fine." I said. "I just don't want to think about it." I said as I grabbed a very cute teal and white polka-dotted shirt. "Well, we just won't talk about it anymore." She said smiling. "I think I'm gonna get this one." I said as I straightened out the shirt. I paid and we went to the next shop. We walked into Jack Willis. I loved their sweatshirts! Lyndasy both got two sweatshirts. We left and headed to the foodcourt. "Well, do you want to eat or stick with a smoothie?" Lyndasy asked me. "I think I'm good with a smoothie." I replied happily. Lyndasy got strawberry, but I got mango banana. We chatted a bit, then decided to go home. We drove to my apartment. "Thanks for everything." I said to Lyndasy as she parked the car. "Anytime." She said. It was silent for a moment. "Well, are you going to talk to Zayn?" She asked me. My heart stopped as she said his name. "I just need to move on." I told her. "I hope one day we can." I added. She frowned a bit. "I hope evrything works out." She said softly. "Me too." I sighed. "Well, I'll talk to you later." She said as I got out of the car. "Okay, see you tomorrow. Remember we have that lesson with the guys." She yelled out the window as I walked to my door.

Oh Shit!

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