Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


42. Friendly Competition

~Zayn's P.O.V~

Grace had left after she stayed a bit longer and we all chatted, but eventually the boys and I needed to get back to the shoot. "She's really sweet." Liam said as we were all getting our hair done. "Yeah." I laughed a bit thinking about her smile and how her dimples carefully creased upon her cheeks everytime. "You better treat her good." Liam said a bit seriously. "I will mate. Don't worry." I got out of my seat and headed over to where Louis and Harry were getting their single photos taken. "Zayn, I'm so gonna get your girlfriend back for that." Louis laughed. "She's smarter than she looks. Trust me." I laughed as the photographer stood me in a position for my picture. "Well, there has to be one way that I can get her back." Louis smirked as I quickly got my photo shot. "Yeah right!" Harry laughed after he got his photo done with.

"Well boys! Great job today. Tomorrow you will be going to the studio and recording." Paul said as the picture people were packing up. We all nodded. "So, whose in?" Louis asked us. "In for what?" Liam had a very confused expression on his face. "To get Grace back. I'm gonna need some help." Nobody said anything. "Well Louis, you're obviously on your own." Niall laughed. We then all joined in with him as Louis kept his serious face on. "Well, what is Grace doing this week?" "Her mom is coming in, she signed up for teaching, and she is doing a couples class." My reply to Louis made him smirk a bit. "And don't get any ideas." I added. We all finally walked up to our cars, but we were short two. "Zayn, can Louis and i catch a ride with you?" Harry asked. I just laughed. "So you can get Grace back." I smirked at Louis. "Why don't we all just hang at your place tonight?' Niall offered. "Sure." I agreed. "I guess we'll meet you guys there." Liam said as Niall and him hopped in their cars, while Louis and Harry hopped in mine. this should be an interesting night.

~Grace's P.O.V~

I turned on the water to run a hot, relaxing bath. I added a small droplet of citrus burst scentcy syrum in the hot water. The room started smelling like oranges as the water grew. I quickly put on some music and put my headphones in. I slipped my feet into the water, followed by the rest of my cold body. The hot water collided with my skin as I melted in one with the water. My music buzzed through my ears as my body sunk down into the water with my head bobbing on the top with my high bun leaning on the back of the bath lining. As I let all of my thoughts flow away from my mind, I drifted away into my own little world. I shifted in the water as I sat up. I could of swore I heard a noise. After a minute or so, I sat back and relaxed again. My eyes closed as I breathed in the moist air that was created from the heat of the tub. "Grace." I jumped up completely and the water erupted a bit from the bath. I quickly turned my head and saw Zayn satnding in front of me.

"You scared me to death." I breathed as I held my chest and tried to get my breathing on track. "Well I didn't know you were taking a bath babe." Zayn's cheeky smile was planted across his lips, so how could I get mad. "Can you hand me my robe?" Zayn grabbed my white fluffy robe and handed to me as I pulled the drain in the bath that released the water. I quickly wrapped the robe around my bare body as I hopped from the tub. "The guys are here." My head quickly turned to Zayn before I walked into our room. "Are any of the girls here?" I asked with a bit of excitement. "Actually, Lyndasy and Danielle are here, and Eleanor was out with her mum." I smiled quickly, thanking that I wasn't going to be alone tonight. 

I quickly ran into our room and slipped on some sweats and one of my t-shirts covered by one of my jumpers. I was about to walk out the door, but Zayn said wait. "What is it?" I asked him as I turned around and walked over to him. I felt his fingers remove a piece of hair from my face. "You haven't even kissed me yet." I smiled a bit. "All you had to do was ask." I laughed before I kissed him softly on his lips. " I felt his large, warm hand wrap around my waist, but I had to pull away. "Whoah Zayn, we have a bit of company." I laughed as I slid my hands to the sides of his shoulders. "Don't say anything, but watch our for Louis." Zayn whispered in my ear. "Why?" He just shrugged his shoulders. I looked at him awkwardly as he walked out the room. After a second of thinking, I followed.

"Hey Grace." Danielle hugged me. "Hey Danielle." I replied as we released from each other. I shared a hug with Liam and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Louis just stared at me as I turned and looked at him. "Is Louis jealous?" I asked playfully. "Very funny Grace." Louis laughed. "So, what are we doing tonight?" Harry chimed in. All of a sudden, as if on que, Louis' phone started ringing. "I gotta take this." Louis said as he walked down the hall and to the kitchen. "Someone's in trouble." Harry laughed. "How have you been?" I asked Danielle. "Great actually. I just got offered to work with a modeling agent, so I'm pretty jittered about that." "That's amazing!" I replied very happily. I can already tell Danielle is going to go so far. All of a sudden Louis waltzed in with a huge smile planted across his face. He didn't even say anything, just smiled. "What is it?" Liam asked Louis. " My friend Stan just invited all of us to his ultimate block party that just started 20 minutes ago." Louis was so happy. Everyone just got a bit quiet as Louis' excitment scattered throughout it. "Well, whose up for a party?" Zayn yelled as everyone yelled along. "It's a swim party so, everyone grab some trunks."

"You girls can borrow one of mine." I said as Lyndasy and Danielle followed me to my room with my bags. "I have white, pink and baby blue floral, and red with white and pink stripes." "I'll wear the red one." Danielle said, so I handed her the bikini. "I'll wear the pink." Lyndasy said and I handed her the bikini. "I guess I'll be wearing white." I laughed. "Well Danielle you can go change in the bathroom connected to the guest room and Lyndasy you can change in the one in the hall." I said as we all went our ways to change. Then when the girls were out, Zayn, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Louis waltzed in. "Here you go." Zayn said as he threw some trunks at the guys. "Thanks" they all said together as they walked out.

I walked over to the bathroom while Zayn grabbed a pair of swim trunks. I started to strip off my sweat pants and underwear and slid the bottoms of my white bikini up my legs. I then felt a pair of heavy hands on my hips. "Promis to dance with me tonight." Zayn whispered into my neck. I giggled as his hoy breath tickled my neck. "Don't I always." I laughed as I pushed him off of me. I slipped my shirt over my head and threw it over in the dirty basket. When i looked in the mirror at my reflection, I saw Zayn staring at me. "Wow Zayn." I laughed at I slid off my bra and slipped the top of my bikini on. "Can you tie this for me?" I asked as I pushed my hair up. I felt his hands tie the knot firmly, then trail down to my hips and squeezed me softly. "Save 'this' for later." I laughed as I skipped of to my bag and slipped on some denim shorts and one of my loose, red tanktops. I slipped on my Bob's and walked out of our room, and zayn followed. "Everyone ready?" Louis asked as everyone was changed and gathered together. we all nodded and headed our way to Stan's party.

                                        This should be intresting!

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