Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


31. Dance Competition

~Grace's P.O.V~

I woke up to the buzzing of my alarm ringing in my ear. I quickly turned it off. It was 5:00 in the morning and I need to be at the airport in less than an hour. I slowly got out of bed and stretched my arms. I walked in the bathroom and brushed my teeth, and washed my face. I walked back into the room and changed into my skinny jeans and dance meet shirt. It was blue and purple tie-dy. I walked into the bathroom and brushed out my hair. I let it fall down my back with its natural curls. I put on a bit of natural make-up and grabbed my bag, purse, and keys. I turned off all of the lights in the flat and walked out the door. I put in the code fo rthe security alarm and locked the door. I walked to my car and placed my bag in the backseat. I hopped in and put the key in the ignition. I pulled out and headed to the airport.


I grabbed my bag out the back of my car and walked to the entrance. While I was walking, I noticed Lyndasy walking to. I ran up by her. "Lyndasy!" I said as I walked beside her. "Grace!" she said back as we exchanged a hug. "Your coming to Florida?" I asked her. "Yeah, Mrs.Catheleine called me yesterday and told me that I could perform in the group dance, so I agreed." "That's great. Now I will be able to hang out with you!" We both laughed at each other and our excitement. We both entered the airport, and instantly there were teenage girls screaming our names. "GRACE! LYNDASY! Can I get a picture?" I looked at Lyndasy and she looked at me. "I guess we're famous." She joked. We walked towards the girls and took a picture with a few of them. They were all saying how we are so lucky. I started to think about it, and we really are lucky. I mean there are a thousand other girls in the world and they pick us. Lyndasy and I both walked over to where are plane was going to be boarding after we got passed security. I saw Mrs.Catheleine and a few other girls who were going to be competing with us. We waited in line to give the ticket lady our tickets to get on the plane. "Okay girls, we all need to stay together." Mrs.Catheleine told the junior dancers. Lyndasy and I were the oldest ones here. "Grace Lyndasy, please keep and eye on the girls on the plane. i will be sitting in the very front." Lyndasy and I nodded. We handed the lady our tickets and walked outside. We made our way up the staeps and walked onto the plane. It was very big and roomy, but unfortunatley we were'nt going to be the only ones on the plane. Lyndasy and I walked to the mid-section. we both placed our bags in the overhead. we then plopped down in our seats. We have a long ride ahead of us.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

I woke up slowly. I don't know why but I woke up rather early than most days. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I glanced over towards the slit that let out streaks of sun from the window. I then looked over to the spot next to me. There was no one there. I missed Grace. "Just three more days." I whispered to myself. I remeber when I would wake up in the morning and have Grace rest on my bare chest. The way her warm brushed against my skin, and the way she made her soft lips sync with mine. I snapped out of my dream when Harry,Louis, and Liam ran through the door. They all jumped in the bed and flew on top of me. "WAKE UPPP!" Louis yelled. "What the hell! I'm already awake." I laughed as they climbed off of me. "So, sleep well?" Liam asked me. "Ok, I guess." I replied. "Mate, you shouldn't be so down. we are leaving in a few days and you can kiss Grace all you want." Louis said as he made kissy faces in my face. We all laughed in unison. Niall walked in as we all stopped laughing. He sat at the end of the bed. "So what are we doing today?" Harry asked us. "I think we're recording." Niall announced. Louis started tickling Niall on his sides. I jumped in and held him down. "Stop!" Niall laughed. we all laughed as he tried to squirm from our firm grip. We stopped as he surrendered. "Anyone hungry?" Niall asked as he stopped laughing. we all laughed at his question. "As usual." Liam said. I hopped out of the bed and slipped on my shirt. We all walked out in the hall and were stopped by Paul. "Where are you guys going?" He asked. "we are going to get some food." Niall replied as we started to walk again. He stopped us once again. "The lobby is packed with girls, so room service today boys." We all looked at each other and immeadiatley ran past Paul. He grabbed at our shirts as we ran down the stairs. We walked out onto the main hallway and looked out at all the girls screaming our names. We all waved at them. "Look, I'm sexy." Louis said to us as he pointed to the sign that said Louis your so sexy. We all laughed at his joke. Paul ran down the hall and lead us up the stairs. We waved bye to all the girls. We walked up the stairs headed up to Louis's room. We ordered some breakfast and ate while we watched football. Once we were done, we all got dressed and headed to the studio for a long day of recording.

~Grace's P.O.V~

I grabbed my bag from the overhead. We were finally in America. Lyndasy grabbed her bag as well and we all exited off the plane. The air smelled so graceful and warm. The wind blew across my face. The last time I was in America was a few years ago. we all walked through the hall and into the open area. We all walked over by Mrs.Catheleine. "Ok girls, follow me to the car. Grace, Lyndasy, I will meet you at the competition." Lyndasy and I nodded. All the juniors followed Mrs.Catheleine. "Ready?' I asked Lyndasy as we walked past the security. "Ready." she replied. We walked out the doors and were instantly hit by random people. We pushed our way through the crowd and finally went off to the side. "They are so crazy!" Lyndasy said as she rubbed her shoulder. "I know." I replied. I looked up over the crowd, and thankfully we were only a few meters away from the door. "The door is just over there." I said as I grabbed her hand. We both pushed through and finally made it out the crowded airport. "Gosh that was crazy!" Lyndast said as she pulled her bag over her shoulder. We both rolled our suitcases over to the taxi line. We quickly jumped in one and told the driver where to go. After a while, we were finally at the dance center. We ran out the taxi because we needed to get ready for the dance. Lyndasy ran to go sign us in as I paid for the taxi. I walked up to the doors. "Grace!" I heard someone scream. I whipped my head around to see my mom. "Mom!" I yelled as I ran over to her. I hugged her neck so tightly. "I missed you so much." I said into her neck as I squeezed her. " I missed you too sweetie." She said in return. I stepped back a bit so she could breath. I then saw a few of my younger cousins, my aunt, and Cole, one of my best friends from school. i hugged all my little cousins, and my aunt. I then turned around. He smiled as I hugged him. I missed my family and friends so much! "What row are you guys sitting in?' I asked as I realized that I needed to get ready. "Row 16." Cole replied. I smiled at them all. " I will see you guys in a bit, I have to get ready." i said to them as I walked away. I ran inside and to our studio's assigned room. Lyndasy was doing her hair. "Where have you been?" She asked me. "My mom was out there." I answered in return. We chatted for a few more minutes, and then I changed into my leotard and skirt. I had to do my solo first. Lyndasy put my hair into a sock bun and did my make-up. I was up next.


Sorry for the abseloutley BORING chapter. I have been having a bit of writers block. If there are any ideas for the story, PLEASE don't be shy. Comment! I love all of my readers. Thankyou for all the support. and please comment about what you think of the story, I can always use some constructive direction. Also, if you have any questions for me, ask them. I would love for all of my readers to not be shy.

P.S~ really sorry about the boring chapter.



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