Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


22. Congrats Dinner.... and a Drunk.

~Grace's P.O.V~

I agreed with Lyndasy to go out tonight. I needed a good drink. I decided to wear a dress that had one long-sleeve and one strapless. It was a midnight purple. I curled my hair and like always, let it fall along my back. I slipped on my heels and headed towards the resturant.
When I arrived, Lyndasy, Niall, Harry, Liam, Dani, El, Louis, and Zayn were sitting around the table. When they saw me, they all stood up. "Congrats!" Lyndasy said as she squeezed my neck. "Congrats on what?" I asked very confused. "The solo!" She squeeled. I then realized that this was a congatulations dinner. "Oh thanks!" I said happily. I exchanged a hugs with Niall, Harry, Louis, El, and Liam. I watched as Zayn walked by me. He wore a white shirt with a black blazer and trousers. I felt the butterflies in my stomach. I really do miss him, but what he did really hurt. I looked at him as he looked at me. "Congrats, on the solo." He said to me. I blinked out of my thoughts. "Thanks." I replied. This was a bit awkward. He slowly leaned in and hugged me. I hugged him softly back. His warmth felt so good. After a few seconds I stepped back. I smiled at him and took my seat. We all sat down and started talking. "So, what song is your solo to?" Dani asked me. I thought about it for a second. The solo I was doing was the one I made when I was with Zayn. "Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran." I replied. Thay all loved the pick. After we ate we headed towards the other side of the resturant, by the bar. "I'll have a Bahama Fruit Punch." I said to the bartender. She quickly made it and handed it to me. The rum and tequila ran down my throat. It tasted so good. "That's a good drink." A boy said as he sat beside me. "Very." I smiled. "What's your name?" He asked. Before I could answer Zayn sat on the other side of me. "Grace, can we talk?" I turned around to him. "Not now." I said quickly, then turned back to the guy. "I'm Grace. And you are?" I shook his hand. "I'm Brandon." He replied. We chatted a bit more as I drank my drink, and ordered a few more. After a while, I started to get dizzy. "Well, nice meeting you." I said as he got up. We said our goodbyes.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

I was losing Grace to some nobody! I walked off after a while, but still watching Grace. I didn't want anything to happen to her. After a bit, that guy walked off. I saw Grace, she was obviously drunk. I walked up behind her. "Zayn!" She slurred. "Grace, you need to get home." I said cautiously. "Leave me alone!" She yelled. She fell against my chest, I quickly caught her. I walked her out of the bar. I took her to my car. After I started driving, she was instantly asleep. I decided to bring her to my place, so I could take care of her. I picked her up bridal style out of the car and into my flat. I placed her softly in my bed. She didn't budge at all. I changed out of my clothes and walked into the living area. I grabbed a blanket and layed down on the sofa. I was soon asleep.

~Grace's P.O.V~

I opened my eyes slowly. It was pitch black. I looked around and noticed I wasn't in my apartment. I was in... Zayn's? I looked around and scratched my head a bit. My stomach was turning. I jolted up and ran to the bathroom. Liquid was pouring from my throat. I sit there with my head hovered above the toilet. A few moments lated I felt hands pat my back. "Grace, are you ok?" Zayn asked me as I slowly stopped vommiting. "Not really." I said weakly. "Do you want to take a shower?" He asked me with a caring voice. I nodded. He started the water and grabbed a towel. "I got you a toothbrush so you could brush your teeth." He said as I hopped in the shower. "Thanks." I said before he walked out the door. After I baithed myself, I noticed he layed out one of his t-shirts for me. There was also a pair of my shorts and underwear. I must have left them here. I brushed my teeth and got dressed. I didn't put my shorts on because the shirt was big enough. I walked out of the bathroom and sat down on the bed. I layed down and pulled the duvet over me. I was very cold. Zayn walked in moments later. "Everything ok?" He asked as he walked over to the bed. "Yes, and thankyou for the clothes." I said. I needed Zayn. I've missed him too much! Like they always say, you should always learn to forgive. He was about to walk out, but I couldn't let that happen. "Zayn." I said softly. He walked back near me. "Yes?" "Please don't leave." The words came out softly. He smiled a bit. I scooted over in the bed as he slid in next to me. I secured my head in his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. "I'm so sorry Grace." He whispered to me. I picked my head up softly. "I forgive you." I whispered to him. He held me tighter into him. Before I layed my head down I looked into his eyes. I slowly leaned in and kissed his lips softly. The fire burned though my body. The heat between us was just right. I let go slowly and layed my head back down into his chest. "I love you." He whispered into my hair.

"I love you too." I whispered back.

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