Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


12. Beach Campout

~Grace's P.O.V~

"Are you ready to head to your place?" I asked Zayn as I finished packing my bag for the beach. The boys decided that we are going to camp out at the beach tonight. I couldn't wait to see everybody. "Yeah." Zayn said as he walked into my room. "Okay, just hold on a minute." I said as I zipped up my duffle bag. I was wearing a white bikin because it made my tan skin pop out. I also had a white sundress with my white gladiators. I also packed clothes to change into. I picked up my bag and grabbed my phone. I was so ready for the beach.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

We pulled up to my flat. Everyone was meeting here, so I wanted to get my stuff together before they got here. Grace and I hopped out of my car and walked into my flat. "So, are you excited?" I asked Grace as we both walked to my room. "Yes! It's been so long since I have just hung out with my friends." She said excitedly. I just laughed a bit. I packed my clothes for the night and changed into my suit. I wore a muscle shirt with some blue swims. "I think I want that kiss now." Grace said as she walked back into my room from the hallway. I smiled at her. "I've been wanting it." I said as I grabbed her by her waist. I felt her hands move behind my neck as I kissed her. Then the doorbell rang. Grace quickly ran to go answer it. "Hey!" I heard Louis yell. Then I heard many more voices. I grabbed my bag and walked towards the living area. "So, are we ready?" Liam asked. Everyone nodded and we headed to the beach.

~Grace's P.O.V~

We pulled up to the beach. There was basically no one here. I ran out of the car onto the hot sand. I soaked in the sunlight instantley. "Let's start the music!" Lindasy yelled as Harry brought out a stereo. Then music filled the air. Louis and Niall ran past me as they sprinted towards the glistening ocean. I smild at the water splashing everywhere. I watched El, Lindasy, Dani, Liam, and Harry run into the water. I slipped off my sundress and  started to walked towards the water, but I felt hands slip onto my hips and throw me over their shoulder. "Zayn!" I squeeled as he ran into the water. I felt the sea water spritz on my back. I was released from Zayn's arms. "Why did you do that?" I laughed. "thought you wanted to have fun on the beach?" Zayn said as he placed his hands firmly on my waist. "Is that right?" I asked him as I put one of my hands behind his neck. He slowly leaned in to kiss me, but I splashed the water up in his face with my free hand. I quickly jolted away from him deeper into the water. He swam after me as the water got deeper and deeper. I felt his hands grab me. I kicked my feet to stay above the water. He pulled me onto his body. He could toch the bottom on the tip of his toes. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. "I love you." I whispered to him. "I love you too." He whispered back. I kissed his lips softly, but with great passion. "No PDA!" Niall yelled. I looked back at them and started laughing. We swam back towards the guys. "So, what do you guys want to do?" Harry asked. "Football!" Niall and Louis yelled at the same time. I walked out of the water and saw Harry kick the ball. We all ran around in the sand kicking the ball. "I got it!" I yelled as the ball was kicked towards me. I popped it up with my knee and few times, then kicked it towards Niall. After a while we stopped. It started to get a bit cold, so I slipped on some denim shorts and a jacket. We started a bond fire and layed around it in the sand. I felt a small tap on my shoulder, it was Zayn. He forwarded me to the inner beach. I stood up and walked over to him. "You want to take a walk?" He asked me. "Sure." I replied to him. He took my hand in his. I watched the sun hide away into the water as it fell from the sky. "So, did you have fun today?" I asked Zayn. "It was great." He replied. I leaned my head onto his arm. "I'm glad we did this." Zayn said. "Did what?" I asked him. "Well, it was an option to do the whole dance session things. I'm glad we said yes, or I wouldn't have met you." He said to me as he looked at me. "We might of met each other. I could of been our destiny." I said jokingly. Zayn smiled at me. "I'm glad you did too." I said as I stopped walking. Zayn looked down into my eyes. I smiled as he removed a piece of my hair away from my cheek.  I placed my lips onto his. He was so warm against my cold skin. I moved up onto the tip of my toes to deepen the kiss. I jumped away from Zayn as i heard a loud splash come from the water. Zayn and I both looked towards the water. There were whales moving into the sunlight as it went down. I leaned my head into his chest as I smiled at the sight of the tales crash into the water. We started to walk back towards the fire. The fire was slowly going down with the sun. I looked around the fire, but no one was there. I looked at Zayn who was looking towards the cars. "I think they are sleeping in them." He said as he pointed towards all the cars. I grabbed his hand. "I'm getting pretty tired." I said as I yawned. He smiled at me and we both walked towards his range rover. We both hopped in the back. I layed my head onto Zayn's chest. I snuggled my face into his neck. He wrapped his arms around me keeping me warm. "I love you." He whispered into my ear. "I love you too." I whispered into his neck. I felt him kiss my hair.

I slowly drifted away in Zayn's warm arms.

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