Just Ari

Ariel (Ari) Moore was your everyday college student. She blended in with the crowd, along with a few friends. So what will happen when one day, the shy Ari, bumps into the cheeky Harry Styles in downtown London?


1. Moving To London

Everybody has some sort of passion. For me, it was writing. Sometimes, I just felt the physical urge to get my words down on paper. Thoughts and ideas constantly swirled around in my head, almost begging me, saying, "Write me, Ari!"
It only made sense I majored in literature and English. I had always had slightly better grammar than everyone else, always worked harder on my writing.
I was finally living my dream- going to Oxford. Since around my freshman year in high school, I had known I wanted to travel far. My home life wasn't great, but it could definitely be much worse. Mom and I got along splendidly, Dad was a different story. While he had never raised his hand at me, his words weren't always so kind. A large part of me just wanted to get away from it all, to just start my life as an adult. Although I was worried, nothing about me was adult-like. At all. That's why I'm incredibly grateful for Ingrid. Ingrid was a close friend to me, she was as mature as a 30 year old woman, while I, had an immaturity level that could easily fight with a toddler. I knew I could never live alone, heck, I get stressed when I can't find space for something in the refrigerator.
So, that brings me to were I am now. Packing my bags, dressed in sweats, and ready for the plane ride.
"Ariel! You'll be late for the plane if you don't hurry up!" My mom called.
That was another thing, I didn't quite mind my name, but after it being compared with The Little Mermaid countless times, I had ended up just telling people to call me Ari. That didn't seem to stop my parents, however.
Quickly pinning my golden locks into a messy bun, I grabbed my bags and practically bounced downstairs. How could I not? I was extremely excited.
After meeting up with Ingrid, who had profusely made me check and make sure I had everything, we were ready to leave.
My mother trembled, tears leaking from her sapphire eyes. She pulled me into a tight hug, and yes though it was a little hard to breathe, I was still pleased to be in the comforting hold of the woman who birthed and raised me.
"You'll call everyday?"
I gave a watery giggle, starting to get years in my eyes myself.
My dad turned towards me. He awkwardly pulled me into a stiff hug, but his words surprised me.
"I know I'm hard on you," he whispered, "I just want you to do good in life."
I smiled the best I could and nodded.
Ingrid had already gave her goodbyes to her family, and shuffled over to me when she saw I was finished.
"You ready to go?" She rested a tanned hand on my shoulder.
I gave a quick and simple nod. With that, we went through bagging and gave our final waves to our families.
After getting off the plane, and eventually finding the apartment, or flat as they called it here, I was jet-lagged.
School had gone by as expected, it was hard, but enjoyable. For me anyways, not so much for the people who had just majored in literature to major in something.
It was one morning soon after that changed my life.

First attempt at really writing a story. I have never used this site so I'm a little lost, but let me know what you think? Should I continue?
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