All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


23. Working at Nando's

     I woke up to a very large knocking. "One second!" I yelled. I had the wierdest dream last night... I kissed Kevin. It was so wierd! I opened the door. And I found out it wasn't a dream. "Kevin. Hey. Um... I'm kinda busy right now, so can we just hang out later?" I asked trying to shoo him away so I can think. I have bo idea why I kissed him. "Alright, babe, wanna get lunch later?" "Yeah, sure," I said. "Alright, see ya then." "Bye."

     I closed the door and slid to the ground with my back against it. I feel like I shouldn't have said yes... Oh well. I remembered I had work today and quickly took a shower and put on my uniform. I drove to Nando's and started working for awhile.

     Then someone came up to me wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. "Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?" I asked him. He simply shruged. "Alright, what can I get for you?" He started ordering and I realized who it was. He apparently didn't realize I knew who he was. After he ordered and started walking away, I screamed, "OMG it's Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!" And a bunch of fangirls crowded around him. He gave me the death glare and I smiled innocently at him. Not ever the sass master can beat my sass!

     After working for a while, it was my lunch break and I got a text from Kevin saying he's gonna pick me up soon, but I didn't feel like talking to anybody so I told him I was working.

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