All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


2. Video Diaries


     "So do you wanna hang out later? Unless you're hanging out with your boyfriend," Lola teased. "He's not my boyfriend," I corrected her. "Yeah, but you wish he was. Anywho, do you wanna do something?" She asked. "Yeah sure. What?" "Do you want to come over and watch the video-" "NO! I interuppted her, "I don't want to watch the video diaries!" I practically screamed at her. "Why not? If you watch them you'll fall in love with One Direction!" She told me, "PLEASEEEEEE," she pleaded. "Fine," I told her. She asked me all the time. At least now she'll stop."YAY!!!" She yelled, "Pick you up in an hour?" "Yeah sure." I hang up and drive home. I change out of the uniform and into blue jeans and a white shirt.

    Once she picks me up, we go home and watch the video diaries. after five minutes, I started obsessing over them. I kept watching Niall and thinking, 'He is perfect. I wonder if he's gonna call me.' Everything about him is just so perfect. I was falling hard for a guy who didn't ever know my name.."so what'd you think?" Lola asked me. "That was it? There's no more?" "I'm guessing someone likes One Direction. And that certain someone owes me an apology,"  She said. "Okay fine. You were right. One Diection is totally amazing. I'm am now obsessed." I said. Immediately she hit my arm, but it didn't hurt. "Dedicated!" She yelled. "That's what I meant," I replied and we started laughing.

    Suddenly, my phone rang. I didn't get my hopes up though.

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