All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


7. Truth or Dare

    We all sat on the floor in a circle. "Who's gonna go first?" I asked. "I WILL!" Louis screamed again. I have a feeling he's going to be screaming a lot. "Harry, truth or dare?" "Dare," He replied, looking kind of afraid of Louis's dare. "I dare you to... hmm... OOH, I KNOW!" And he ran out of the room. Moments later, he came back with his hand dripping wet. "I dare you to lick it. Harry licked his hand and had a disgusted look on his face. "What was that?" "Toilet water," Louis said between giggles. That made us all burst into laughter. He ran out of the room, probrably to wash his mouth out.

     We decided to continue without him. "Since Harry is having some technicall difficulties, who wants to go next?" "I WILL!" I screamed, louder than when I agreed to play truth or dare. "Louis, truth or dare?" "I will go with-" " Great, dare," I interrupted him. "Oh no you didn't!" Louis said, doing a 'z' snap. "Oh yes I did," I responded, doing the same thing back. "I dare you to break up with a chair that you've been dating for five years." Everyone lauged at my dare. "Piece of cake," He said and went over to a chair and neeled infront of it.

     "Hello chair, I love you, but, I feel that we um... haven't been getting along as well as we should have been lately, and I feel that it's time for us to go our seperate ways. Maybe we should just take a break, because we're just so different and I'm sorry, I love you, but I can't love you. Goodbye, chair." After he finished his heart-felt monologue, he stood up and took a bow. We all started to applaud. That was pretty good, for beaking up with a chair. "Beat that," He told me and I just laughed. "I can do so much better." I challenged him. "Bring it on!" He said. Right after he said that, we heard a scream from the kitchen.


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