All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


50. Tour News

"Thank you so much for making me a public announcement," Louis says sarcastically with a smile as I sit down. "You had it coming. Don't be so surprised," I told him and began shoving food into my mouth, not so lady-like. Louis laughed and did the same with his food. "So, Britt, I need to talk to you about something." Louis said. "Oh no, Louis needs to say something! This could only mean one thing!" I said jokingly. "And what's that?" He asked with a smirk. "You tell me," I said.


"Well," He began and took a pause for effect, "I'm going on tour in a week," He said with sad in his eyes. "Wow... that's... great." I attempted to squeak out with a small smile. "Look, Britt, we can Skype, and text, and call every free second I have, I swear this will work," He told me, taking my hand in his. I looked into his blue eyes and knew he was telling the truth- it will work. It may get hard, but he won't give up on me. And believe me, I won't give up on him either.


I showed a real, not forced smile and got one from Louis in return. "I'm done for the day, wanna go?" I asked as we got up. He nodded and we walked out. We both eyed both of our cars, and a smile grew on our faces, having similar thoughts. Race ya!" Louis said, running to his car, but I had already started running to mine. I beat him to my place with two minutes to spare. I was leaning my back on the car, trying to look cool as Louis got out of his car and laughed at me. I smiled and he took my hand as we walked inside.


Taking one look, I knew Lola had been here, as she's the only one with a spare key. There was food everywhere, proving she wasn't alone. We looked to the couch and saw Lola's head laying in Liam's lap, both of them asleep. I let out a quiet 'aw' and pulled out my phone to take a picture, which I will definitely be showing to Lola later. We went into the kitchen, because somehow, we were still hungry. We were eating strawberries and whipped cream as I saw Liam and Lola walk into my kitchen and freeze as they saw Louis and I. We began laughing at their surprised faced, and they just rolled their eyes.


"What're you doing here?" Lola asked me. "I live here. The question is what are you doing here," I said. "I thought you weren't going to be home till later," She said. "Perfect reason to trash my home," I say sarcastically. "So, Liam, did you tell her yet?" Louis asked, about what I'm assuming is the tour. I heard him swear under his breath, realizing he forgot to tell her.


The thing is, Lola's not good with long distance relationships. She always ends up cheating on the guy. It's happened too many times to count so I've made it my mission to make this an exception.


Liam begins to explain it, and the broken hearted expression she had just about broke my heart. I'm sure I looked the same way when Louis told me, but I don't want my best friend to feel that way. Of course, Lola faked a smile After a while, once Liam and Louis left, we ended up watching TV with ice cream and crying about how much we'll miss them. All of them. Because, although we haven't known them long, they're al like family to us.

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