All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


5. The Text Message

     My phone said: I'm gonna find out who. When she does I'm dead. She's gonna find out soon. Everyone's gonna find out soon. Everyone's gonna know me. And everyone's gonna hate me. Why do directioner's have to be so dedicated? I decided to ignore Lola's text and watch some telly. After a while I go to bed thinking about how amazing tomorrow will be. I get to meet One Direction!

     The next day I wake up and take a quick shower. Then I put on a white jean skirt and a green shirt with a peace sign on it and some white flats. I check my phone and see a message from Niall. He put his contact in as Nialler:):):). The message said: Can you come over at four? I texted back: Ya sure. Can't wait :). Then I checked the clock. It was ten. I had to wait six hours. I ended up staring at the clock for like ten minutes  hoping the time would go by faster. It obviously didn't work. I got bored and decided to have breakfast. I go to McDonalds and eat. After I still have like five hours so I call Lola. After about two seconds. I facepalmed myself for forgeting she's going to ask me about yesterday. "Hello," she said into the phone. "Hey, Lola," I replied. "What's up?" "Nothing I'm just bored." "Well then why don't you call your boyfriend?" She said in a mocking tone. I laughed and said, "I'm seeing him at four, but he's not my boyfriend," I said, almost sounding sad at the last part. I've known him for like two days and I'm falling for him. "You wish he was, don't you?" She questioned. "Maybe," I mumbled. "So when are you going to tell me who it is?" "Well you see, there's a perfectly good reason why," "And what is that reason?" "I can't tell you." "Since when did we start keeping secrets from each other? I can't believe you. We're bffl's!!! We tell each other EVERYHING! And now you can't tell me the name to some random guy you met at Nando's OR why you can't tell me. Does that make any sense?" after she said that she hung up the phone leavin me feeling like the worst friend in the world. She does deserve to know.

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