All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


3. The Phone Call

"Hello," I said into the phone. "Hey! It's Niall," He Replied and I almost screamed. Instead i did the complete opposite. I was in shock. I couldn't say anything. "Hello? Are you okay? Is this Brittany?" "Yeah, sorry my friend was talking and she wouldn't be quiet," I lied. I know he doesn't like girls who fangirl infront of him. "Hey what did I do?" Lola said and i shhhed her. "Oh okay. Do you want to have lunch tomorrow at Nando's?" He questioned. "Sure," I said screaming on the inside. "Pick you up at noon?" He asked. "Sure see ya then," I said and hung up the phone. I started having a one man dance party until Lola interrupted me. "Was it the guy from Nando's?" "Yep," I said continuing to dance. "Do you no his name yet?" "Erm........ Maybe," I said, not wanting to reveal it was Niall just yet. "What does that mean?" "It's ummniallhoran," I mumbled the last part. "What? Stop mumbling." "Oh my goodness it's late.I should be going," I said. I'm the worst liar in the universe so obviously she could see I didn't want to tell her. "Fine don't tell me. I'll find out though. I have my ways." I snickered. I'm going out with Niall Horan. She's gotta find out everntually. And when that day comes I'm dead meat. "I seriously do have to go though. I'll see ya tomorrow," I said and got in my car. I was listening to the radio when What Makes You Beautiful came on. I started getting really excited about tomorrow. Once I got home, I switched into my PJs and went to bed.

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