All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


33. Pranks

     We got in a huddle and I shared my idea. They all agreed and went in several directions. I baked two pies quickly; one for Niall, knowing he would eat the other one if I didn't make a second, the other one... you'll find out soon. We all decided to meet back in the kitchen. Soon, Harry came in with five cans of silly string. Minutes later, Liam came in with a bucket full of water balloons. Then Niall and Zayn came in with the cutest dog ever.

     I gave another devious smile. "What's taking Lou so long?" Niall whined. "I think he mentioned getting McDonalds for you guys. They nodded and heard a beep. Louis just locked his car. "Guys! Hide!" Hazza scrwamed and went to answer the door. "Hi Harold! Gosh it's awful quiet in th-" after Louis said that, I threw the pie in his face and we all started throwing water balloons at his and spraying him with silly string. Then, as if on cue, the adorable puppy walked over to a surprised Lou and peed all over his shoes. We were all laughing at his face. All five of us were rolling around on the floor. Lou just stood there. Harry took a picture and tweeted it.

     "Fine, I'll eat the McDonalds by myself!" He exclaimed. "You just ate!" I reminded him. He shrugged and walked away to eat his food. "You're gonna get fat!" I yelled to him even though he's in the other room. He just laughed. "Sorry! I meant fatter!" I corrected myself and he laughed more. "Who's the sass master now?" I said quietly to myself. "ME!" he screamed. How did he hear me?


Sorry guys!! I meant to update like three days ago, but I didn't have time :( I'm studying for exams! I have them this week. Wish me luck! Love ya

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