All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


28. Peanut Allergies

   Niall likes me? like ME?! Why would he like someone like me? He could have basically anyone he wanted, yet he likes me? Kinda wierd... oh well! so we walked back into the room and everyone was watching football, but I know absolutly nothing about professional football, but I am pretty good at it, I just need to know the rules.

     Someone scored a goal and Louis and Niall cheered. I guess the other lads were rooting for the other team. But when I say they cheered, I mean the jumped around the room screaming their heads off and braging to the other lads. I just laughed at them. Why do people get so interested in football? Well Louis ended up throwing the popcorn we were eating at Liam and that totally started a food fight. Great! More food to clean up! You noticed the sarcasm, right?

     All the while the lads were throwing food, Niall was whining about wasting food. Until someone threw a steak at his face. That shut him right up. When did they get a steak? I didn't notice anyone leave the room. My thoughts were interrupted by a piece of pizza thrown at my face. I dodged it just in time and it hit Harry instead. Where did they get all this food? I started laughing at Harry and I was so didtracted that I didn't notice a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich coming at my head. Did I mention I had a sreious peanut allergie. Well this got very bad, very quickly. I started to swell up and Liam, soon realized it and we got in a car and drove to the hospital.

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