All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


36. Oh My Carrots!

     I was really surprised to hear that. I was completely speechless. "I... I... Yeah," I stuttered. Louis's smile grew two times as wide as before, which I didn't know was possible, and his face just lit up. I was so happy to be Lou's girlfriend, but it feels like there's something I'm forgetting... I just don't remember. We ended up kissing, and luckily for us (please note the sarcasm) paparazzi found us. Joy. I'm still surprised there was no paparazzi before today. It might've been better if there was paparazzi before, because right now, most people are going to think we just met.

     "Oh my carrots!!! Can't we get privacy?!" Louis said. Was he trying to sound serious? He just said oh my carrots. I guess he was trying to sound serious because he sent me a questioning look, noticing my fits of giggles. "Oh my carrots?" I asked. He chuckled, finally realzing what I thought was so funny. "You're the only person that would say that, Louis." "Not true! Directioners say it a lot." "I've never heard anyone say that before." "That's because you hadn't met anyone cool before you met me." I chuckled and realized the paparazzi were still there. "Right... We're just going to go now..." Louis said, grabbing my hand and pulling me threw the paps.

     We soon got home, and I suddenly despise the internet. "Louis?! Britt?! Really?!" Liam said angrily as soon as we walked in. We both put our hands up, simultaneously saying "I didn't do it." We both laughed and then became serious when we saw Liam still staring at us. "What's the problem?" I asked innocently. As if I didn't know. He handed us his phone and we saw the picture of us kissing. Liam took it back, flicking at the screen to move to the next picture and then returned it to us. A different picture of us kissing.

     "Um... yeah?" "Since when were you two a couple?!" He asked. "What time is it?" Louis asked. Liam looked at his phone and said "about three." "Like twenty minutes. Chill, Li, if she gets hate, I'll take care of it," Louis said. Ah, yes. The innevitable hate. "fine," he said, cooling down. I noticed how oddly quiet it was... "Where's Niall?"


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