All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


21. Nearly Fired

     We decided to go to Nando's for some lunch. "Crap!" I scream. "What?" Niall asked me. I've kinda been skipping work while hanging out with you guys. This is gonna be the forth day in a row. I'm gonna get fired!" "That's not good," Niall said. "No kidding." Once we arrived, we walked in the back so no one would see us. Mostly the boys. No one would really care if they saw me. Well, after we ate, the boss pulled me aside.

     "Why haven't you been at work?" "Um... I was hanging out with One Direction. She just started laughing. The boys were disguised really well so no one could tell it was them. Then Louis came walking up to us. "Hurry Britt, we gotta go! I'm bored!" he whined. His accent made it very obvious and my boss's eyes bugged out of her head. "Hello love, I'm Louis," Louis told her, "I'm sorry we were distracting her from work, we just needed her help with some stuff." "Oh okay. Just... come tomorrow," she told me. "Okay," is all Isaid and we walked away.

     "Thank you so much, Lou. I was so close to losing my job," I thanked him. "That's alright love." "Well I gotta go so I'll see y'all later!" I said. We said our short goodbyes and I left Nando's and went home. It was close to my house so I decided to walk.

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