All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


31. Miniature Amnesia

     We walked back in my living room, everyone looked at us. "Why are you so happy?" Niall asked me. "No reason," I said. We continued watching the telly when I remembered something. Louis talked to me before I had the allergic reaction and hit my head. He told me something... I don't remember what. Ugh, I must've forgotten when I hit my head. It couldn't be amnesia because I remember everything else, right? People forget things a lot.

     All through out the day, I couldn't stop thinking of it. The next day, I had to work. I continued to think of it, but I just couldn't remember! Luckily, tomorrow was Friday, so I'll have off for the weekend. Just one more long hour of working. You wouldn't believe who came walking in together, talking like they've known each other for ages. Louis and Kevin. Well this will be awkward. Louis and Kevin came up to me.

     "Britt, this is Kevin. He was my best friend in highschool,"Louis told me. Is he stupid? "Louis, this is Kevin. He is my stupid ex," I told him. His jaw just kinda dropped. "You... Him... Know each other?" He stuttered, "You pretended not to know me on the phone... What?!" Kevin nodded just a little. "Kevin, I will give you three seconds to run!" Louis said, looking pretty angry. I've never seen an angry Louis. It was kinda funny seeing Kevin's reaction. His eyes were huge and he sprinted out the door like his life deppended on it... which it most likely did. "Well what can I get for ya?" I asked him, trying to stop the awkward silence.

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