All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


6. Meeting the guys

    It's thirty miutes untill four and I am so excited! I'm going to meet to meet my favorite band. I really like Niall. And I guess he doesn't hate me because I'm meeting his friends. But he could just like me as a friend. I hope not.

    I get in the car and drive away. I turn the radio on and What Makes You Beautiful started playing. I burst into laughter and come to a red light. I just stare at the radio, smiling like an idiot. I can't believe I'm meeting them in a matter of minutes! The light turned green and I drove off to meet them at Niall's flat.

     I finally arrived and got out of the car. I knocked on the door and Niall answered it. "Hey!" He said. "Hi," I replied with a huge smile. "Come on in." "Thanks." I took a few steps in and stopped in my tracks. One Direction is right infront of me. Luckily, none of the boys notice me staring at them, except for Niall who was following behind me and didn't see me stop walking, so he ran into me, knocking me down. "Sorry, love," He said after helping me up, "I didn't see you stop." By then all five of them are looking at me. Great first impression, Brittany. "Lads, this is Brittany-" "This is the girl you wouldn't stop talking about yesterday," Louis interrupted Niall. That made us both blush. "Hi, I'm Louis!" Louis introduced himself. All the other boys introduced themselves too.

     After awhile talking, we all got bored. "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!" Louis screamed as everyone covered their ears. I screamed back "OKAY!" And everyone looked at me like I was crazy, except for Louis who gave me the look of approval. "What? I like truth or dare," I said shrugging.

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