All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


4. Lunch with Niall

I wake up and get ready for lunch with Niall. I wear light blue skinny jeans, a black shirt that says 'free hugs' in pink letters, and tan toms and i put my hair in a high ponytail. I decide to watch the telly until Niall came. I heard a knock at the door around noon and a cute Irish blonde guy is standing there that goes by the name of Niall Horan. He had a huge smile on his face that widened when he saw me. "Hello, love, I don't believe i ever got your name," he said. "Brittany," I replied. "Niall," he said holding out his hand. "I know," I said shaking his hand, "You're all over my friend's walls." He laughed and said, "You ready to go, Britttany?" "Sure, one sec," I said grabbing my bag, following him out the door, and locking it. He opened the car door for me and got in. Once we arrived, we got out of the car and Niall was wearing sunlasses and a hat so fans wouldn't recognize him. It didn't work though. As soon as we got out, we heard six girls scream things like, "Oh my gosh it's Niall Horan!" and "Niall, who's she?" Then they asked for his autograph. After he did, we went inside, but this time no one noticed us, luckily. After our orders, it was awquardly quiet. "So, come hear often?" Niall asked. I laughed and said, "I work here, Niall." Then we both start laughing. After that there was no more awquardness between us and we really clicked. I had so much fun. Once he droppped me off, he asked me for my phone. I handed it to him and watched him put his number into my contacts. "I had fun today," Niall said. "Me too," I said. "Would you like to meet the rest of the guys? Like tomorrow? We have an interview until three but then we could do something if you want." "Sure I said. He kissed my cheek and walked back to his car. I went inside and coollapsed onto the couch. Then I heard my phone beep and see a text from Lola.

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