All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


41. Locking Louis Out

For the rest of the day, and the rest of the week until Friday, I was completely confused. Whatever was so obvious, wasn't obvious enough. Then again, I am quite slow. Hopefully I'll figure out eventually. Nah, I'll never figure it out. So, I'll ask the only other person that knows what's wrong with Niall... Louis. I was going to his flat today so I'm going to ask him then.

I drove to his house and knocked on the door. "BRITTANY!!" he screamed when he saw me because he didn't know I was coming. He had this gigantic smile on, me having one very similar. "LOUIS!!" I said in the same tone. "Vas happenin'?" I asked trying to sound like Zayn. He laughed and said "Just chilling, man," also trying to mimick Zayn.

I laughed. "Hey, Lou?" "Yeah?" "Can I come in?" I asked. We had been standing outside his house. "Oh! Yeah, sure!" he said and I giggled. "Well it deppends," he said. "On what?" I asked. "Kiss me you fool!" he said and we kissed. Sparks were flying everywhere. I pulled away, out of breath. "Hey Lou?" "Yeah?" "I'm going in now," I laughed and walked passed him, going inside his flat, and locking him out. He banged on the door and I just laughed. "I have a spare key!" he said. "Okay, use it then," I replied. "Hey! You took the spare!" "Maybe," I smirked.

I opened the door and he rushed in, not wanting to get locked out again. We both ended up laughing on the floor. "I have a question, Lou," I said. "Okay," "What's wrong with Niall?" He sighed. "Britt? Do you remember what we talked about before you had the allergic reaction?" "Nope. I've been trying to remember, but I can't remember what happened." "You don't? You're absolutely cluless?" He asked. I nodded my head. "This might be harded to explain than I thought," he said.
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