All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


48. #Lila

Author's Note:


I'm so sorry I haven't updated in forever!!! I feel really bad! haha My internet has been extremely crappy and wasn't working until last week and I've been busy!! I am going to try to update more often, I swear! Get ready to read a new chapter in 3... 2... 1!!! :)





We walked into her house and my jaw dropped. "Brooke, you live here?" I asked in awe. "This place is huge!" I exclaimed. She giggled and replied with a "Yup." "DUDE! You have a pool table!" I said running up to it. "I'm amazing at pool!" Louis said. "Is that right?" I asked. "It is," he said. "Yeah, I don't think you could beat me. "Is this a challenge?" Louis asked. "Let's do it!" I said. "Well, okay, but I thought we were gonna play pool..." Louis said and I playfully smacked his arm. "We are!" I said, hiding a blush and ignoring everyone's laughs. We began to play and I totally creamed him.


"I have way more sass!" I said, smiling. "Who wants to play now?" I asked, turning around to everyone else, just as Louis was about to argue with me. I felt hand around my waste and Louis whispered in my ear, "I have way more sass than you." I rolled my eyes and turned around, kissing him. Of course, we were soon interrupted by everyone groaning and Harry shouting, "Get a room!" "Harold, just because I'm stealing you're boyfriend doesn't mean you can be rude," I said in a motherly tone. Harry just stuck his tongue out at me.


"I'm playing Brooke!" Niall said, grabbing the pool stick from my hand. I laughed and watched Brooke take Louis's. Brooke beat Niall, earing a high-five from me, and then Liam and Lola began playing. We all went into Brooke's living room, leaving them to play there game. We turned the TV on when I realized I left my phone by the pool table. I went back to get it. I froze at what I saw. Liam and Lola were making out. They hadn't noticed me yet so I slipped away back to the others with a huge smile on my face. They would be a cute couple. Now I just need Niall to make a move on Brooke and it's all good.


Brooke sent me a look, knowing something was up. I reached for my phone so I could text her what happened when  I remembered I never got it. Oh well. I'll tell  her later. I mouthed the word "Later" to her without any of the guys noticing. They're so oblivious. Brooke nodded and turned back to the TV. I tried to pay attention, but it was so freaking hard because I couldn't get them kissing out of my head. They better be official the next time I see them.

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