All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


9. "I'm going to tell you now"... NOT!

     I wake up and have one thought: I am determined to tell Lola. No matter what. I take a shower and get dressed and hop into my car. I drive to her house and ring the doorbell. She answers and groans when she sees it's me. "It's nice to see you too," I told her, pushing the door open so she didn't shut it in my face. "I'm going to tell you now. You cannot scream. No one knows yet."

     As I was about to tell her, my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID. Nialler<3. I smiled and told Lola to wait a second. "Hey," I said into the phone. "Hey, Britt! Do you want to hang out again with the guys?" "Can my friend come?" "Sure!" "Great! Do you want to get lunch at Nando's?" "Pick you guys up at twelve?" "See ya then!" I ended the call and turned to Lola, "You're going to meet him and his friends in an hour, so you may want to get ready. He's going to pick us up at my house." "Can I know what his name is first?" "Nope," I said, popping the 'p', " See ya at my house!" Then I walked to my car and drove home.

     As I was driving, One Thing came on the radio and I was screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs. I looked out the window and saw two teenage girls singing One Thing too. First time I've seen someone in a different car singing the same song. It's funnier than you would think. I burst into laughter as I finished driving home. Finally, Lola will know.

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