All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


32. "Guys, I have a plan."

     After he ordered, and I gave him his food, my shift was over, so I ended up watching him eat Nando's food. I was too lazy to get any food myself, but I wasn't really hungry anyway. He ate his food in like two minutes. "Dang, you eat fast," I told him. "I'm a growing boy!" he joked and I rolled my eyes and laughed. "You're already two times my height! You don't need to grow anymore!" He just stuck his tounge out at me. "Well I'm gonna go, so see ya later!" I said walking away.

     I got into my car and drove to Lou's flat. I think he mentioned something about the rest of the lads being there, and I kinda wanted to surprise him when he gets home. I knocked on the door and Niall opened it. "Hey Lou-. Oh hey Britt!" "Hi Niall," I said with a smile. "C'mon in! Louis's not here though." "Yeah I know, he's at Nando's." "How did you know?" "I took his order." "Did he have a friend with him?" "Yeah." "He's kinda a jerk." "Yeah I know... he's my ex." "Oh." After that it was awkward so I went inside. "Hey Britt!" The others greeted me. "Guys, I have a plan," I said with a devious smirk.




Sorry for a short cahpter but I wanted to say thank you so much!!! I have over 300 favorites and over 4000 read and I'm so happy right now!!! :D Thanks for all the comments! Sorry if I don't respond, but I do read every one, and they all make my day :) so... yeah that's pretty much it! I'll try to do a new chapter either tomorrow or Friday!

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