All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


10. First Impression

     After I got ready, the doorbell rang. I ran to open my door and see a really excited Lola standing there. "Calm down, Lola," I command. "Fine. I just like meeting new people." She's the complete opposite of me. Opposites attract I guess. "Well we have like twenty minutes so do you wanna watch the telly?" "Yeah sure."

     Once the doorbell rings again, we both jump up to answer it. Niall was standing there. Lola literally fainted. "Oh my gosh! What happened?" Niall asked. "She didn't know you were coming," I said helping her up. I thought... I saw Niall... Horan," She says slowly. "Um... you did." "WHAT?!?" She jumped up regaining her energy. She looked at Niall and just froze. "Uh, Brittany? Is your friend okay?" Niall asked. "Yeah, she just does that when ever she meets One Direction. It happens a lot." I say sarcastically. "Niall, this is your number one fan. Lola, this is your idol." She was still frozen. "Maybe I should have told her?" "Probrably," Niall said, looking at her, very worried.

     "Is everything alright?" Liam came up to the door. He did the same thing as Lola, starring right at her. But after us saying his name, he snapped out of it. "Give me a sec." I told them and ran tothe kitchen and poured wated into a cup. I came back and splashed it in her face and she came back to earth. "You okay now?" "Mmhmm," Was all she said. "We'll be right back," I told the lads and grabbed Lola's hand, pulling her into my room. I gave her some clothes to change into.

     I feel bad for her. She just fainted and got splashed with water infront of her idols. At least she didn't scream. After she changed, she gave me a hug. "I'm sorry, I should've told you," I appologized. "It's okay." "You feel better now?" She nodded and we went back downstairs. "Ready to go?"

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