All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


49. Deja vu

Liam and Lola walked into the room and I stared at them with a creepy smile. "What is your problem?" Lola asked, laughing at my face. "Are you two official?" I asked, looking between Liam and Lola. "I thought we weren't telling anyone!" I heard Liam whisper. "I didn't tell her!" Lola whispered back. "How did you know?" Lola asked. "I walked in on you kissing a few seconds ago..." I said awkwardly. All the guys and Brooke looked so confused until I said that. "Yes, we're official," Liam said, wrapping his arm around Lola's waist and pulling her close. Brooke and I chorused 'Aw' as Lola rolled her eyes at us.


"You guys are so cute!" I gushed, winking at Lola. "And I still need to get my phone, so I'll be right back!" I said, retrieving my phone, then walking back. I sat on Louis's lap while he was paying attention to the TV, so I took him by surprise. "Oi! Hello love," He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. "No PDA! At least not while I'm still single!" Brooke said, making everyone laugh. I looked at my phone, checking the time, and realized it was kind of late. "I'm going home! See y'all later," I said, walking out.


"No, don't leave me here with these people! Louis said, following me to the door. I laughed at him and he leaned in and kissed me, smiling into the kiss. "I'll see you tomorrow," Louis said, winking, then turned around and walked back to the others. I smiled and leaned back against the door. How did I get so lucky?




I awoke to the annoying beeping of my alarm clock. I groaned and pulled my pillow over my head. Why do I need to have work today? I wish I could be a singer, like One Direction, and could have a lot more fun. If only I didn't sound like a dying mouse. I quickly got dressed and drove to work. "Hello Jessy," I said, walking in. "Hey! So I wanna meet your boyfriend," she said. Gee thanks for caring about me.. "Now you believe that I'm dating Louis?" I asked. She nodded her head eagerly. "Maybe I will introduce you sometime... but you have to be super duper nice to me," I joked. She rolled her eyes. "Now... I gotta work!" I said, walking up to the cash register and getting ready to take someone's order.


A few more customers before my lunch break, someone in glasses and a hoodie walked up. "What would you like?" I asked and a familiar voice answered. I told him the price, handed him his food as he was walking away, I yelled at him, "Babe, if you wait like five minutes I'll be on lunch break." He turned around smiling and nodded. I feel like that's deja vu. And I know one more way to make it feel like it. "OMG It's THE Louis Tomlinson!" I yell, jumping around. He once again gives me the evil eye as people realize who he is and I just laugh and finish my shift.




Chapter 49!!! YAY! 49 is like the best number ever! So, this isn't why it's my favorite number, but Louis was 49 cm when he was born! :D Hope you enjoy the chapter! Love you all!!!

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