All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


15. Cooking

     There was food all over the place. I mean ALL over the place. I think there even was some in the cabinets, because some of them are ajar. Oh, I almost didn't notice the toaster was on fire. Zayn, Louis, and Niall were trying to put that out but it was a failed attempt. Liam was bending over looking at the floor for whatever reason, but all I could think was that there was a fire. In my house.

     "Well... funny story actually,-" Niall started to explain but I cut him off. "Save it. We need to put the fire out." "Just as I said that, Lola grabbed the fire exinguisher and put out the fire. Finally somone with some brains!

     "You guys have some exlaining to do," I told them. "Alright, well you see..." Louis began and took a while to think, "I got nothing," he finished. "Oh...k, Zayn, what happened?" I asked him, hoping he'd be a bit more helpful. "Niall was hungry-" "Tell me something I don't know," I cut him off. "So we tried making something... we don't know how to cook." "Uh... guys?" Liam said. "Shut up Liam," I commanded, "So you set my toaster on fire?" I asked, turning back to Zayn. "Brittany a little help here," Liam tried again, but I ignored him. "And how do you make such a big mess in like five minutes? And where is Harry? Did he decide not to help clean up and just run off?" I was getting kinda mad now. "GUYS!?!" Liam screamed. "WHAT!?!" I screamed, very annoyed now.

     I walk over to him and see what he was doing on the floor. Harry was lying there... unconcious. "How do you knock someone out just by trying to cook?" I asked no one in particular. These guys are wack.

     "I have no idea," Lola responed after no one else said anything. "We should probrably help him then..." I suggested after another long, awkquard pause. Everyone remembered the injured person on the floor and started moving again.

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