All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


17. Cleaning


      Thank you guys so much for helping me with the title. I'm going to do Please Don't Stop The Music. :) I'm really sorry for mot updating, but I was sick :/ I'm getting better now though! I just have a little cough. Anyway, thanks for reading, favoriting, and liking! And thanks to all the awesome people that commented :) It really means a lot, and you're the reason I haven't given up on this story :) love y'all! hope you like the update!




      After a few seconds Harry woke up. Luckily, nothing serious happened. Could've been worse I guess. Everyone was surrounding him when he woke up. "Harry! Are you okay!" Liam asked/screamed. "Yeah, I'm fine," he told us. "Don't do that to me again, Styles! You scared the carrots out of me!" "Sorry, Lou."

     We cleaned the kitchen for half an hour, and it looked as good as new. Then Lola and I made sandwiches. "Thank you! I was dying!" Nill told us. We all laughed and finished eating. "We should probrably go because it's getting late and we've already made a huge mess of things," Liam said. We said our goodbyes and the guys left.

     "I can't believe you didn't tell me it was Niall!" "Well... erm... ya... sorry." I said, not sure of what exactlly to say. "Sorry?" She asked me, "you're so mean! Tell me the next time you're hanging out with someone famous so I don't look like an idiot! They probrably think I'm some freak." She said playfully hitting my arm. "On the bright side, Liam and Harry were totally checking you out!" "Really?" "YES! How did miss it?" She simply shrugged her shoulders. "I feel really lazy, I'm going to sleep here," she told me. "Fine," I told her and went to my room to get her and me some PJ's.

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