All Because of You

Brittany is the average Nando's worker... until she meets a special customer


12. Angry Car Rides

     Louis pretended to be mad at me the whole time. We were going to my place to hang out. "Boobear! I'm sorry! Stop bieng mad at meeee!" I pleaded. "Fine!" Louis said. "YAY!" I screamed. "Britt, stop screaming!" Louis screamed. "Make me." I dared him. "Girl, I will cut you," Louis said trying to immitate Bon Qui Qui from MTV. It was my turn to pretend to be mad. "Niall! Louis's being mean again!" I complained.

     Everyone else was in their own conversations, but stopped when I said that. "Not again, Lou, don't scare off someone else," Liam commanded. I started laughing, along with everyone else. "I don't scare people off," Louis said, "That much." He mubled the last part. We were all laughing so hard I almost choked. "MEANIES," Louis said.

     We finally get to my house and as I was closing the door, I told them to make themselved at home. I turn around and see the three of them and Lola spread across the two couches. One of them was missing, though. "Where did Niall go?" Everyone simultaniously pointed at the kitchen. Duh! Think for once, Brittany. It's Niall we're talking about. I thought to myself. I just laughed to myself and sat on the couch next to Lola.

     "Let's play truth ot dare," Lola suggested. "Again?"I asked. "What?" "Oh yeah, you weren't with us. We played it like two or three days ago." "We shall play it again!" Louis said, jumping on top of the sofa. "Drama queen," I said as we sat down in a circle. Again. Here we go.

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