On My Own

Juliet Boscarino has been on her own since the age of 15. After being kicked out of her now ex-boyfriends home, she finds solace in an abandoned recording studio in London. One day she wakes up to find five oddly familiar boys. They happen to be the five One Direction members. They take her in. Will she fall in love? More importantly, will anyone fall in love with her?


4. Serious.

Juliet's POV:

"So.. Mr. Niall Horan.." I went on, I layed on the sofa while he stood in the kitchen.

"Damn.."I heard him mumble. What is it this time? Hours ago, he complained about how cold the water is, and how the constant noise annoyed him.

Well, it annoys me too, and the cold water is better than nothing!

It's quite refreshing now that I think about it.

"Where's your food?" He looked at me with fear in his eyes. I got up to look into the barren refrigerator. Um, what was he expecting? A buffet? An Italian home cooked meal? Not happening honey.

"This is serious." He put a hand on my shoulder. My heart skipped a beat-

No! You aren't suppose to feel this way for two boys... That's slutty.

"It's not." I sighed, crossing my arms.

"It is!" He fought back.

"Look- I lived off at least.. One meal a day, and what this beautician gives me." I moved a couple steps back, "I'm pretty sure you have.. 4-course meals, but-"

"Juliet." He frowned, " Let's just go to Harry's."

Hmph. I don't have to go anywhere..
I guess I'm kind of hungry.

"Fine." I stated, grabbing my old tote bag.

"Great." He shook his keys in his hand, "Cause' I'm starving."

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