On My Own

Juliet Boscarino has been on her own since the age of 15. After being kicked out of her now ex-boyfriends home, she finds solace in an abandoned recording studio in London. One day she wakes up to find five oddly familiar boys. They happen to be the five One Direction members. They take her in. Will she fall in love? More importantly, will anyone fall in love with her?


3. Juliet Valentina Boscarino.

                                                           Juliet's POV:

"So...." It felt awkward being here alone with Niall. The rest of the boys just left.


"So.." Niall copied, he sat down on the leather sofa. "Tell me about yourself."


"Huh?" I didn't really know what to say. I had told Harry about myself but I kind of.. Didn't want to tell Niall.


"I'll tell you about me, if you tell me about you." he offered.


"It's a long story." I leaned on the wall.


"Drip. Drip. Drip." Will that ever stop?


"I'm all ears." he told me, scooting over. "Come sit." I sat next to him and opened my mouth to speak:

"..... I'm Juliet.. I'm 18 years old.. My favorite color in White, and I'm Italian!"


"You know that's not what I meant." he raised an eyebrow. Ugh.. I just want to get away from my past, not spread it. "Fine." I sighed. "You want detail? I'll give you detail."


"I'm Juliet Valentina Boscarino. I was born in December inside of a train going to Sicily. My father abondoned my mother before I was born, so my mother raised my by herself... We lived in a two bedroom one-story house.... My mother began to do drugs when I was 10. Five years later I found her unconsious, lying in her own pool of blood." I paused, memories of that day coming to mind. " I didn't want to be stuck with some foster family.. So, I took a train to London. I lost all of my money. Dated this guy, then got kicked out. Now I'm here. What else do you need to know?"




"Now tell me about yourself, Oh-great-Irish-one." I said trying to change the subject.


"Niall James Horan... I'm from Northern Ireland and I'm in a boyband called One Direction."


"That's it?" I I yelled, sitting up straight. "I told you about me!"


"Go ahead. Type my name in on Google." Niall took out his phone. I snatched it out of my hand.


"Yeah. Yeah. I better find something good." I murmured. I typed in 'Niall Horan One Direction'. It took a while to load, but moments later I found over a million results.


Niall Horan, 1/5 of the most popular boyband in the world.


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