On My Own

Juliet Boscarino has been on her own since the age of 15. After being kicked out of her now ex-boyfriends home, she finds solace in an abandoned recording studio in London. One day she wakes up to find five oddly familiar boys. They happen to be the five One Direction members. They take her in. Will she fall in love? More importantly, will anyone fall in love with her?


2. His New Home.

"Fuck." I repeated a little to loudly. I covered my mouth with my hand and hid behind the door once I heard footsteps.

"Look! I found bags!" Harry said pointing to my bag. "Some old Homeless man lives here."

"Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip." drops of water repeatedly landed on the top of my head.. So annoying. I looked down but hit my head on the door by accident. The boy named Harry opened it fully and smiled.

"Your pretty for a homeless man." he complimented. I stood there shocked. "I'm Harry Styles as you probably already know."

Harry Styles? Doesn't ring a bell. "No.. I don't already know."

"You're Italian?"

"Gee.. How'd you figure it out?" I rolled my eyes. "I'm Juliet Boscarino, born and raised in Sicily."

"You're here because...." He began.

"I ran away... Then I took a train to London... So.. I ran out of money.." I finished.

"Awesome." he gave me two thumbs up. " My friend bought this place.. You should really meet him.."

"I should. Shouldn't I?" I tried my best to look completely innocent. Cuteness is the key.... Uh.. Maybe sex is the actual key but I don't like Harry 'that way'.

"Follow me Juliet."

"Sure......" I responded hesitantly. He led me to the kitchen where I saw the rest of the boys. There was a cute blonde, an Indian looking one, a fairly masculine one, a carrot eater, and Harry. Nope. Never heard of them.

"This is Juliet Boscarino, the homeless man staying in your bathroom." I couldn't help but smile. Now that I think about it he is kind of cute..

"Umm... Hello, I'm Niall Horan.. I kind of own this.." Oh.

"Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap."

"Plop. Plop. Plop."

"Oh. I'm Juliet.." my eyes were fixated on my ragged shoes. Brace yourself for the bad news.

"Names Zayn Malik." the Indian looking one said. Nice.. Hair?

"I'm Liam."

"Louis Tomlinson. Nice to meet you Juliet." Louis held out his hand.

"Are you really.. Homeless?" Niall asked, confusedly.

"Yeah. It started two years ago then.... I moved in with this one guy who ended up kicking me out.............. I'm here now...... I've got no where else to go." I explained.

"You can still stay here.." Niall suggested." You're welcome to stay as long as you want."

Weird.. You don't just invite some random person to stay with you.

"Thanks.." I brightened up.

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