My Adventures Through Gielinor


1. The Adventure Begins...

Back in 2007 when I began my Journey to become one of the most well known warriors of Gielinor, I was required to start my training at a place called Tutorial Island. There I learned the basics of fighting and archery. I was also in magic training, where they taught me basic spells to fend off enemies. After that the guide teleported me to a place called Lumbridge. I quickly found my way to Varrock, as I knew it was a hub for trading. When I got there I'd noticed I didn't have anything worth of value. I asked someone where I could go to get some quick money. They led me to a place called Falador. In Falador there is a building called the party room. In the party room I was quickly able to obtain around 50,000 gold, Which I used to get some armor and a weapon. I went to defend Lumbridge of the goblins, which also brought in some money. By now I was familiar with the towns and some of the people in them. I met a farmer named Fred in Lumbridge who had told me he needed some help shearing his sheep. I felt that helping him would be the right thing to do, so I helped him with his work. After the day was over he'd thanked me and gave me a reward for helping him. After that I thought it would be good for me to do some more quests, so I could get upgraded armor and weapons. After that I found someone who went through dark, mysterious caves and dungeons with me. We became friends and decided to attempt killing a Green Dragon. He was hesitant at first but I persuaded him to help me. We decided that if we were successful, we'd share the spoils. We found out the monster wasn't that difficult to defeat, as long as we brought lots of food and potions!

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