The depths of darkness

Ever since he began, Zane faced many challenges throughout his life. A life of pain, tragedy and blood but even through these trials he kept his head high and never backed down. Years of intense studying and training developed Zane into a proud, strong man of great power. But rumours whispered through the air tell of an ancient terror, raging deep below the mountains. Can Zane defeat this great mystery or will he perish trying?


2. Only a rumour


''And there lies the wilderness as we see it'' 

I hyperventilated as my eyes shot open and I warily took in my surroundings. I was lying down staring at the ceiling in what seemed like a quaint little house. 

''Are you alright?'' asked a soft female voice beside me. I blinked, turned my head around and stared in awe at the beautiful face that looked back at me. Long, sweeping red hair fell around her deep brown eyes and her soft red lips were pulled into a curious expression as I admired her. She pulled a cheeky grin at me and I smiled back slightly embarrassed about my current predicament.

''Was that your voice I heard just then?'' I mentioned to her as she closed the old book she was holding and flicked her hair back.

''Yeah, I decided to read to you my grandfather’s old book. It's a strange tale that he used to read to me as a child. I thought that it might soothe you? She asked curiously.

''What was it about and how did I get here? And what abou-''

''Hey! Calm down stranger, you’re not exactly in a brilliant condition at the moment. Let me get you a drink and I'll tell you what's happened,'' She stood up flashing me a wink as she left the room. I tried to get out of bed but recoiled in pain. Every part of my body ached, my legs felt numb and my arms lay limply at my sides. My mind flashed back to the broken glass and blinding light. Must have been a bad dream I told myself, although what I had just experienced felt a little more than a mere nightmare. I managed to sit up straight and leant back against the bed as my saviour walked back into the room with a glass of water. I eagerly gulped down the water and thanked her, feeling slightly more refreshed than before.

''My father saw you struggling in the desert before and watched as you collapsed into the sand. You know if he wasn't there you might not be here now?'' she said wisely, I nodded as a twinge of guilt and shame crossed my mind. ''He carried you in here and told me to look after you. I'm Cyra by the way, and you?

''Zane,'' I replied ''nice to meet you'' I stumbled, oh I must have sounded like such an idiot, as much as I had experience fighting creatures and saving people, I didn't have much experience with girls.

''Nice to meet you too'' she giggled '' now you wanted to know about this book right?'' I nodded enthusiastically ''Well it's all about a huge war that occurred many years ago between creatures and important deities. Some called it the God Wars. Many Gods battled upon the lands in the north for power and control. To begin with, in the second age Zaros ruled the land until he was overthrown by his General, Zamorak. Many Gods arose and attempted to dominate the world. Another God known as Saradomin strived for complete control and fought relentlessly to achieve it. Each God fought in their own faction destroying the land obliterating their enemies. Until Guthix the God of balance intervened and stopped the war by sending a huge blast of power over the God wars banishing any combating forces from the land. And now the site of the God Wars is known as the wilderness.'' I listened intrigued in the story; I had never heard this piece of History before now.

''The interesting thing is my Grandpa said that in a part of the world, beneath mountains and snow lies a chasm where the God Wars still rage on, I mean it's only a rumour, personally I wouldn't put any stock into rumours like that, right? Cyra asked me. Though I didn't hear her, I was too busy wrapped up in my own little world of exploration and wonder. What if it were true? Perhaps I could be the first to discover this place, and then I would be hailed as a great adventurer. ''Uhhh, Zane? I think I lost you there? Do you believe it? Cyra stared inquisitively at me.

''Well no of course I don't believe it, I don't believe rumours, I mean there is no hard evidence right?'' I told her ''But could I perhaps borrow the book?'' I needed to get this to Reldo as soon as possible, i'm sure he would know something about it.

''Ummm sure, I guess, but as long as you return it'' Cyra said handing me the book ''My father can guide you back to Al Kharid if you wish once the storm has passed, but for now get some rest, you're gonna need it for the trip back'' Cyra gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and I blushed as she turned and wandered out the room. I swept my long dark hair behind me and placed my head upon the pillow falling into a deep sleep, although this time without the nightmare. 


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