The depths of darkness

Ever since he began, Zane faced many challenges throughout his life. A life of pain, tragedy and blood but even through these trials he kept his head high and never backed down. Years of intense studying and training developed Zane into a proud, strong man of great power. But rumours whispered through the air tell of an ancient terror, raging deep below the mountains. Can Zane defeat this great mystery or will he perish trying?


1. Whispers


The harsh blowing winds swept across the desert, buffeting my clothes and flinging irritating sand against my face. I recoiled from the gleaming sunshine and sipped from my water skin, gulping down the last few droplets of cool, refreshing water. Weak and drained, I pressed on to Nardah. A sudden, fierce gale tore at me sending me off balance, no wonder the carpets weren't running today! I tried to walk but lost my footing and tumbled into the sand. My throat burned and sand filled my mouth as I fell to the ground. I attempted to stand, but fell once more. Slowly as I lay on the floor I felt my energy leaving me, depleting. I pitifully dragged my body across the harsh terrain as another blast of hot air knocked me down once more. I rolled onto my back and lay down staring at the sun as the sand swirled around me, biting and clawing. My head started to feel fuzzy, almost empty, as sensation started to leave my flesh. My eyelids felt heavy and weak, as they started to close, and I was lost to a world of darkness.

Am I still alive? Perhaps this is death? An endless void of nothingness and black. Empty and devoid of all feelings and emotions. Always circling and never reaching a new destination, I stumbled blindly into the darkness. All of a sudden a huge rumble ripped through the eerie silence. Slowly but surely whispers started forming in my mind, jumbled letters re-assembling themselves into distinguishable words. Yet again another tremor shattered through this odd place. A sharp crack sounded above me as a huge shard of obsidian glass splintered from the ceiling and fell, shattering into thousands of tiny glowing, razor sharp crystals. Another whisper, except this time, more focused: ''A long time ago, peace prevailed across the land''... The eerie whisper faded into the darkness. Suddenly a second and third shard broke away from the ceiling smashing loudly onto the ground. I looked up and a bright light shone through the darkness where the glass once was. ''The once beautiful, prosperous land now obliterated by the force of the blast, years of growth and fertility ruined and replaced by chaos and destruction,'' the voice echoed through my head once more. Another quake shook the ground and cracks tricked down the walls and across the floor. Soon glass was raining down from the sky all around me sending shimmers of light in all directions; an array of colours glistened from the reflection of the glass. Little shards flew in all directions lacerating my skin until my body wept blood, and yet I felt nothing. The deep crimson red droplets dashed through the air and spattered the walls adding a grisly hellish tone to my rapidly disappearing environment. As the ground beneath me shuddered, finally the floor gave away and I tumbled into oblivion. 

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