Nice to meet you again! (1D love story)

If I told people that when I was in high school, I kissed "the Harry Styles" from One Direction, they wouldn't believe me at all! I know I kissed Harry but he doesn't know who he kissed. It was at a masquerade party at school during our junior year. We were 16 back then, now we're 18. He's all famous and everything while I'm still in Holmes Chapel working everyday. I've lost contact with Harry since he became famous because he changed all his contact information. I have always regretted not telling him. I was one of those quiet invisible kids during high school, while Harry was the most popular. The kiss was unexpected but it happened.


28. Would you consider going out with me sometime?

Kelly's POV:

Louis caressed my left cheek. Then he moved closer to me and looked straight into my eyes. His lips were about a centimetre away from mine. My heart beat increased. He bit his lip and touched foreheads with me. He closed his eyes and closed the distance between his lips and mine. I could feel him smile in between the kiss. At first I didn't kiss back then I thought about it and kissed him back. The kiss wasn't too intense. We both broke away and sat in dead silence. Everyone must be asleep or something. "That was amazing." Louis said.

Louis's POV

I smiled during the kiss. At first she didn't kiss back and I was disappointed but then I could feel her lips moving with mine. She kissed back. Her lips were soft and plump. "That was amazing." I sighed happily. "Why'd you kiss me...?" Kelly asked. Oh no! She didn't like the kiss. "Oh. Sorry for being full on..." I apologized. "No, no. I was just wondering why you kissed me all of a sudden." She spoke. "We're alone on a plane. Plus you're the sweetest girl ever. I was just wondering... Would you consider going out with me sometime?" I asked nervously. She didn't answer.


Kelly's POV

"-Would you consider going out with me sometime?" He asked as if he was nervous. I, of course, didn't answer right away. What should I say? He's the sweetest guy in the world. He had an anxious look on his face. All he has done the whole time since I joined them was be nice to me,  and helped me with everything. Especially the Harry thing. I leaned towards him and pecked his lips. "So you will?" He asked. I nodded. I should at least give it a try.

Louis's POV

'She said yes! She said yes!' I thought in my head. I grinned and hugged her. "You won't regret it." I told her. "I know." She agreed with a smile. "So... girlfriend!" I joked. "Yes, boyfriend?" She replied with a smile. "Let's go to sleep. We've got a 5 hour flight ahead of us." I said as she nodded and smiled. Her smile kills me. I smile warmly and jumped under the covers. Kelly went over to her bed and soon we fell asleep.

Kelly's POV

So, I'm dating Louis Tomlinson. He's my boyfriend. I wonder what the boys will say when we tell them. I really hope this works out. Lou is the sweetest, cutest, funniest guy I've ever met. I fell asleep thinking about the Harry situation and the thing that just happened. I have a boyfriend now. To be honest when I first came on this trip, I thought that me and Harry would reunite. I guess not.

Author's Message:

I was originally not gonna write today but I didn't want to end the streak of writing everyday so here's a mini chapter. Now I'm gonna go do homework :) All your comments are so sweet. Thanks for (clicking like) liking the book. xxx

[Posted October 3, 2012 @ 4:50pm]


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