Nice to meet you again! (1D love story)

If I told people that when I was in high school, I kissed "the Harry Styles" from One Direction, they wouldn't believe me at all! I know I kissed Harry but he doesn't know who he kissed. It was at a masquerade party at school during our junior year. We were 16 back then, now we're 18. He's all famous and everything while I'm still in Holmes Chapel working everyday. I've lost contact with Harry since he became famous because he changed all his contact information. I have always regretted not telling him. I was one of those quiet invisible kids during high school, while Harry was the most popular. The kiss was unexpected but it happened.


12. Waking up to the hotel.

Louis's POV 

She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping. I don't want to wake her up but she will have to wake up sometime. "Wake up, sleepy head." I cooed. Her eyes fluttered opened and she smiled at me. "Hey" she said softly. "Hi" I smiled back. She sat up and stretched. She noticed the boys were gone and asked me, "Where are the others?" 

"They have already gone up and I decided to wait for you to wake up." 

"Oh no! I don't want to cause any trouble for you. You should have woken me up." 

"You looked way to peaceful!" I smiled at her.

"I guess I was just tired and you were comfy" She laughed slightly. 

"Come on. We're in the parking lot and there's no paparazzi here. Let's get to know each other!" I said excitedly. 

"Why don't we go up?" She asked.

"You don't want some alone time with boo bear?" I asked her jokingly.

"Well, I don't want to be mean...." She started.

I slapped her arm playfully. She laughed with me. 

"So, Tell me about you" I asked her.

"Well my name is Kelly Constancio. I have a little 5 year old sister and 10 year old brother. I moved out a while ago to live to with my friend Angela (Angel). She's actually the one who told me about the contest. I love drawing and that's why I entered the contest. I'm 18 right now and I have my diploma but I dropped it because I needed money so I took a job at my local Nando's. Life is fine for me right now. I try to not ask for too much because I don't like to take money from my parents since I was the one who wanted to move out. I have my drivers license and I that's about it." She said.

"Niall loves Nando's! Also where exactly are you from? Sorry I wasn't really the one who got the tickets or anything so I don't know where the plane you got off of came from." I asked.

"I'm from Holmes Chapel. It's a really small place with not too many people. There's actually only one high school. Pretty much everybody knows everybody." She explained.

"Oh! I think Harry is from Holmes Chapel. Maybe you guys went to the same high school! Hahahaha" I laughed. There had to be thousands and thousands there's a slim possibility they went to the same school. Maybe Harry went to a private school in the area.

Kelly's POV

"Oh! I think Harry is from Holmes Chapel. Maybe you guys went to the same high school! Hahahaha" He joked. If only he knew that I actually did know Harry. "That's true! Maybe we did go to the same high school!" I laughed. Louis was super out going. Just when I was about to ask what time it was his phone rang. "Hello?" He answered his phone. I couldn't hear the other person. "Yeah in the car." "Okay, we're coming." 

"What's wrong" I asked.

"The lads were asking where we were." He answered. Then he got of of the limo and held the door for me. He was waiting for me to get off and link hands with him and so I did. We walked, talked, and laughed until we got to the top floor. They got me a room that was connected to the boy's rooms which meant that we were pretty much staying in the same room except sleeping in different beds. 

"We're here" Louis announced when we got inside. I saw Niall eating noodles and watching basketball on tv with zayn beside him. "So the love birds finally come up?" I heard a voice say. The voice was coming from around the corner so I looked and saw Harry shirtless with board walk shorts on. Louis walked up to him and slapped his bum. I laughed and said "Hey."

Holy! Harry still looks the same. This is the first time I've ever seen him shirtless. I was snapped out of my trance when he said "Want to go to the swimming? I haven't gotten to know the girl yet." He asked the question directing it to anyone who was listening but gave me a smile and looked at me. I smiled warmly back at him and said "Sure! I haven't gone swimming for a long time."

"Then it's on! Kelly, why don't you go get your stuff ready while the boys and I get ready ourselves looks like Harry is already ready so he can help you unpack" Liam suggested.

"Sure. Do you want to help me, Harry?" I asked him politely.

"Yeah! I would love to!" Harry accepted. 

We got to my room and my two luggages were already in there along with my small carry on bag. "Um, can you actually just help me look for my swim stuff. I'm not sure where I put it." I asked shyly. 

"Yeah. Here how about we put away your stuff while we're at it. We're here for a few more days anyways. This isn't part of our tour. It's only the rest so the actual 2 weeks will start when we start touring." He informed me.

"Oh okay. Thanks!" I started opening my carry on and put everything in place. "Kelly..." I heard Harry call. "Yeah?" I turned my head around and my face went bright red. I ran over to him and grabbed what he had in his hand. He had taken out my bras and underwear. "They look very pretty" He joked. My face was still bright red. "We all use them nothing to be embarrassed about, love." he said. "Yeah I guess you're right. I mean they are like the same as bikinis but at the same time their not..." I said awkwardly.

"Found them!" He said excitedly. He held out my polka dot bikini. I thanked him and walked into the walk in closet to change. I stripped everything off and put on the bottom. Then I put on the top but couldn't tie the back. Usually I would have Angel do it for me. I tried and tried but couldn't. I opened the door a crack and Harry was on his phone. "Harry, could you come here?" I called. He looked up at me and grinned. I opened the door for him to come in. "Could you, um, tie my back?" I asked him awkwardly. He nodded and tied my bikini in place. My heart thumped at the feel of his fingers. It made me feel all warm inside. After he tied my bikini he walked out while I put back on my t-shirt and jean shorts. I walked out to the boy's room and they were all ready with their swim trunks and t-shirt. Harry had put on his t-shirt and had his swim trunks on instead of his boardwalk shorts. 

We walked down to the pool of the gigantic hotel and put our towels on the side. Niall jumped into the water, then followed by Liam, and then Louis. Harry was last.  Zayn was sitting with his feet in the water. I walked over and joined him. "Want me to teach you?" I asked him.

"Huh?" He asked with a confused face. "Want me to teach you to swim?" I asked him. "No, I don't feel like it. Maybe next time. I'm just thinking about stuff for now. Thanks for asking but you should really go enjoy the water." He said but his eyes were distant. I nodded and walked away. I jumped into the water and immediately got splashed. I looked and on one side was Harry and on the other was Louis. I swam off and when I turned around I saw them following me. I splashed them before they could splash me again. We had a water fight including Liam until Harry picked me up and put me on his shoulders. Louis was soon on top of Liam. We tackled each other until I fell back because Harry dropped me. He caught me last minute before my back hit the water. I looked up and I was face to face with him. "Sorry babe. Lost focus" He apologized. Did he just call me babe? I smiled and nodded my head. Harry took me to the corner and tickled me in the water. We were laughing and talking. "So, where are you from?" he asked me. "Holmes Chapel"I answered. "Oh wow! Me too! Did you go to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive? It's the only high school there." What do I say? What do I say? "Yes, that's where I went." I decided this was a good time to spill the beans maybe he still remembers me. "Oh! Me too! But I have never seen you around!" He exclaimed. Or maybe he doesn't remember. "It's so cool to meet someone from my home town and who went to the same school as me" he continued. 

Author's Message 

Hey! I wrote this chapter right after I wrote the first one. So enjoy <3 

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