Nice to meet you again! (1D love story)

If I told people that when I was in high school, I kissed "the Harry Styles" from One Direction, they wouldn't believe me at all! I know I kissed Harry but he doesn't know who he kissed. It was at a masquerade party at school during our junior year. We were 16 back then, now we're 18. He's all famous and everything while I'm still in Holmes Chapel working everyday. I've lost contact with Harry since he became famous because he changed all his contact information. I have always regretted not telling him. I was one of those quiet invisible kids during high school, while Harry was the most popular. The kiss was unexpected but it happened.


17. Radio Interview and Nando's

At the Interview

Kelly's POV

I got out of the car. The car ride was fun. Everyone was joking around and I had a fun time with all of the boys. The car ride was about half an hour. During that time I tried my best to get to know Liam and Zayn. I accomplished! Liam was such an amazing guy. He was as funny as the others, I honestly do not understand why people call him lame because they think he's not funny or say he's too shy. Liam is honestly hilarious once you get to know him. As for Zayn, he's really sweet. He apologized to me for being so ignorant yesterday. I of course forgave him and said that it was no big deal. It's true, everyone has bad days and you can't really blame them. 

I'm sitting on the couch beside where the radio station guy was interviewing them. We had just got here and was already escorted to the room. "This is Ross Melatova and i'm with the british and irish band One Direction!" "I'm Louis" "I'm Zayn" "I'm Harry" "I'm Niall" "And I'm Liam." The boys said one after another.  "You're listening to Kiss 95.2. So, boys I heard you guys had a contest the past week to send out a lucky fan to meet you guys." Ross said. "Yes, she's actually here with us." Liam said pointing at me. "Why don't we bring her up too!" Ross suggested. One of the producers led me to the table and sat me at the end beside Liam. They put on a set of headphones and turned on the microphone for me. "Hello, what's your name?" The interviewer asked. "Kelly." I replied. "So, how's your second day with the one and only, One Direction?" Ross asked me. "They are 5 hilarious, sweet, and caring guys." I said and smiled. Ross laughed and said well I'm guessing you're having fun. Also i'm aware that you are an amazing artist from what drew for the contest." He said. I blushed a light red and said, "I'm really happy my grandma taught me how to sketch and the techniques of art. It really did come in handy." He smiled and said, "That's great!" He then directed the rest of his questions towards the boys. Before I knew it, it had already been one and a half hour and the interview was over. It's 11:30 almost noon. We decided now would be a good time to have lunch. "There's a Nando's in the downtown area! Is anyone up for it?" Niall asked. "Kelly, do you want Nando's?" Harry asked. "Yea. Nando's sounds good right now! I'm starving!" I said to Harry. "Can you drive us to the nearest Nando's please." Louis told the driver. The driver said the nearest one would be at lease 20 minutes away and asked if we were still up for it. We all agreed. 

I guess I fell asleep because I felt a light tap on my shoulder and a voice telling me that we're at Nando's. I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful pair of green eyes. I blinked a few times and sat up. I guess I must have fell asleep with my head in Harry's lap. "Sorry. Did I fall asleep in your lap?" I asked while we walked into Nando's behind the other boys. "Yeah. You were on leaning against my shoulder and kinda slid down to my lap." He laughed with a grin. "Oh. Ooops. I always end up sleeping in cars I don't know why." I explained to him. "Nah, it's fine." He chuckled. He wraped his hand around my waist and asked, "Enjoying Toronto so far?" "Yeah! It's really nice here. I never knew there was a Nando's in Toronto." I told him. "There are Nando's in a lot of places. Also, Toronto is really beautiful. We've been here a few times." He said and smiled a big warm smile at me. I smiled back and we took our seats with the boys. It was Liam, Zayn and Louis and one side and Niall, me and Harry on the other. 

Author's Message

Will most probably update again tonight. If I can I mean. :) In a hurry to get out of the house. So I wanted to post this chapter instead of having to have u guys wait for it tonight. So... Here you go. Short but enjoy :) xxx

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