Nice to meet you again! (1D love story)

If I told people that when I was in high school, I kissed "the Harry Styles" from One Direction, they wouldn't believe me at all! I know I kissed Harry but he doesn't know who he kissed. It was at a masquerade party at school during our junior year. We were 16 back then, now we're 18. He's all famous and everything while I'm still in Holmes Chapel working everyday. I've lost contact with Harry since he became famous because he changed all his contact information. I have always regretted not telling him. I was one of those quiet invisible kids during high school, while Harry was the most popular. The kiss was unexpected but it happened.


36. Asking Haz out. My heart belongs to ? Forever. ENDING

Kelly's POV

"Come with me." Angel said. "Where?" I asked. "Just come." We stood up and walked to the main hallway. "I have a question." She said hesitantly. "Go ahead." I nodded for her to go on. "How... Would you mind... I really... I don't know how to ask." She said and sighed. "Angel, I'm your best friend. Go ahead. I'll answer your question." I said with an encouraging smile. "Thanks. Um. Do you I should ask Harry out?" She blurted out at the end. Ask Harry out? She wants to ask him out. My best friend wants to ask out my crush. I mean ex crush. "If you want to. I mean, Do you like him, honestly?" I asked. "He's really sweet. He's been nothing but nice. He's really cute and he's all I could ever ask for in a boy." She breathed a huge sigh. I looked at her. She seemed nervous. "Why don't you ask him out? Give it a try." I said. Deep down the reason I said this was because Harry wouldn't say yes. He wouldn't. I didn't want to hurt Angel. Heck no! She's my best friend, but she also likes the guy I liked before and had a weird history with. Why him of all people. "I'm scared he'll say no." She confessed. "Angel. You're beautiful, smart, kind, amazing. If he doesn't say yes. He isn't worth it. If he doesn't accept you for who you are, go find someone who will. One day he'll regret turning you down. Trust me." I said. This was partly true. She is beautiful and all those things and that I don't want her to have a broken heart because one boy said no to her. "Thanks. I'll ask him out. I want to give it a try. If he says no, it's fine with me." She said finally.

I smiled and as we walked back a received a text from Louis. 

Louis: Where are you?

Kelly: Angel and I are coming back.

Louis: Just worried. That's all. 

Kelly: Don't worry babe. I'm coming.

Louis: How far away are you?

Kelly: I can see you. Just turn around.

He turned around and smiled. Angel went to look for Harry. "Harry and I thought you guys had gone somewhere. When he turned around to talk to you guys, we noticed you were gone." He said. "Well. You guys were deep in conversation so Angel pulled me aside to ask me something." I said. "What'd she say?" He asked. "Nothing. Just girly stuff." I said. He shrugged and slung his arm over my shoulder. "Let's go back to the hotel. Dave is driving us back. Zayn and Niall are already at the hotel and Harry went to wake up Liam and Mel." He informed me. "Cool. Angel went looking for Harry." I said. "They're probably in the car. Let's go." He said. We walked outside and saw a stretch limo waiting. I waved to Dave and climbed in. In there sat, Liam, Melanie, Harry, and Angel. Louis and I joined and Dave drove us away from the arena. 

"We're here." He said as he opened the door for us. We thanked him and got to the top suite. "Ding." My phone beeped. New text message.

Nialler: Zayn and I decided to go to Fashion Outlet Mall tomorrow. Are you interested in coming? Tell the other guys too. 

Kelly: Yeah. We're all going. We're in the lobby. Meet you up in a minute. xxx

Nialler: Alright. See ya soon, love. xxx

I smiled and slipped my phone into my jean pocket. We rode up the elevator and opened the door to the suite. "We're here." Harry announced. "I'm going to sleep. I'm knackered from all the concert" Louis announced. He kissed me good night and we walked separately to our beds. 

Angel's POV

"Hey Haz. Can I talk to you in the kitchen? Kelly's in our room and Lou is in your room." I said blabbering away. "Sure." He smiled warmly. We walked to the kitchen and Niall was eating a burger. "I thought you went to get a mid night snack already!" Harry said. "I still felt hungry." Niall complained. "Angel and I are talking. Go eat your burger somewhere else please." Harry smirked. Niall stuck out his tongue at us and left. "So, what did you want to talk about?" Harry asked. I gulped. "Um."

Harry's POV

"Um." Was all she said. "Yeah?" I asked. "Will you go out with me?" She asked and closed her eyes. That's what I've been waiting for. Except I was planning on asking her. Oh well. Her asking me is so much better. I stood up and her eyes flashed open. "Yes." I whispered. "Pardon?" She asked. "Yes. I'll go out with you." I said but still in a whisper. This time I kissed her cheek and she gave me a hug. She smiled a big smile and said, "I'll see you tomorrow." I nodded and said good night. I kissed her forehead and headed to my room. 

When I got inside, Louis was slightly snoring. I took off my clothes and jumped into bed. 

Kelly's POV

The door flung open and in came a bubbly Angel. "He said yes. He said yes. He said yes. He said yes." She repeated and jumped for joy. "What?" I asked. "Harry said yes when I asked him out." She explained. I feel like a part of my heart tore apart and broke. Broke into pieces. Yeah I have a boyfriend and everything but something still hurts. "Congratulations!" I have to act happy. I can't let her down. "I knew he'd say yes!" I exclaimed. "We both have one direction boyfriends!" She said excitedly. "That's awesome." I said. I wasn't paying too much attention. A part of my heart ached. But just a part. My heart still belongs to Louis. Forever. 

Author's Message:

I'm writing this at 12:38am. I should be sleeping but it's okay. I want to thank you guys for the 301 likes. It means the world to me. I'm writing this at 12:38am but I'll be posting it after school. I wanted to write another chapter because you guys are the sweetest people on earth. I've decided to leave this story here. I'm going to start writing a sequel. It'll be a continuation to this. It'll start EXACTLY where this left off. My original idea was for this book to go a few more chapters before the next book but I decided on this. I'll try to get the book up either today or tomorrow. The next chapter will probably be the book title etc.  Thank you. xxx

[Posted October 11, 2012 @ 3:25pm.]

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