The Creature

Made whilst i was watching attack the block so kinda based on that :D


1. The creature


A monster that lurks deep in gloom,

A monster that will kill you soon,

Its not as real as it may seem,

Though not as imaginary as a dream.


A creature that feeds on only fears,

One that will reduce you to salty tears,

It's not like you can run or hide,

So while you can enjoy the ride.


Soon your life will be filled with blood and gore,

And you won't be asking for much more,

Than simply for your life to be spared,

Or your flesh to be completely repaired.


Your time is quickly running out,

So quickly change your risky escape route,

You see the bright blue eyes pouncing towards you,

So run somewhere safe with the rest of your crew.


You hear the deadly dragging claws

But outside the window your friend is mauled,

You slowly sink to the floor in despair,

And give up on all your 'need to survive' cares.


It finally breaks through the wooden door,

And now your numb to the core,

It makes its final murderous leap,

And now your life is not yours to keep.

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